Prepare to Score this Summer Season

With the Summer season right around the corner we wanted to show you some amazing promotional products that your clients, employees, and consumers will use and love. These items will be perfect for upcoming outdoor events and summer functions that will show off your brand with style and innovation to ensure you Score this season. Let’s take a look at these summer staples that will definitely be well used throughout the summer and remainder of the year.

Fabric Fashion Speaker with Custom Packaging

This fabric fashion Bluetooth speaker has exceptional sound quality and looks like a one of a kind decoration. This 3 watt speaker adds a soft touch but it packs a punch which is a perfect accessory for any upbeat team event or outing. The custom packaging creates a retail-inspired look as well as provides another promotional opportunity.


Swift Power Bank

This product is the perfect summer savior for the on-the-go person that needs their mobile devices to be charged. You can charge via wireless or cable and is compatible with any device with a micro port or iOS phone. This sleek, high power bank is easily recharged and a necessity this summer season.

download (1)

Islander Sunglasses  

These Ray Ban-esque sunglasses come with a microfiber pouch and feature UV 400 protective lenses. Brand these metal trim accented sunglasses that feature adjustable nose pads to give an extra touch of class.

 download (2)

Neo Vacuum Insulated Cup

This double-wall constructed, vacuum insulated cup with easy press-on lid is the perfect wine or beverage drinkware item for the summer season. It keeps drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 15 making it perfect for a hot summer day or cool evening off.

 download (3)

Rockit Smart Temperature Water Bottle

Touch the top lid of this smart water bottle and the LCD screen will show the current water temperature. This sleek bottle features a water hydration reminder every two hours and can be used for hot and cold beverages.


Iridescent Pouch

With the iridescent trend booming right now, this trendy pouch is a fashion-forward way to transport your electronic accessories and toiletries. Brand this useful pouch to show your company’s dedication to staying on trend and current fashionable pieces.

 download (4)

Toddy Wedge

The Wedge is a unique, fully customizable, and multifunctional mobile device stand. This desktop accessory provides daily usefulness as both a mobile stand and a screen cleaner. Use the Wedges unique, attention-grabbing power to showcase your brand.


Mini Hangover Kit

Be someone’s ‘night-out’ savior by gifting this mini hangover kit. Including: lip balm, mints, propel drink mix, advil, antavid calcium carbonate tablet, mini toothbrush, mini tooth paste and bandage.


Here are Score we always strive to inspire you to discover the endless possibilities of promotional products which you can use to enhance your clients, employees, and customers’ experience. With the summer season fast approaching, these items are all amazing products for events from outdoor festivals to team outings. Let’s Score with summer with creative, fresh swag.

Score attends DX3 Retail, Marketing, and Technology Tradeshow:

At Score, we pride ourselves in constantly staying up to date and educated on how we can best help your company enhance brand awareness and marketing efforts. At the DX3 tradeshow, Score had the privilege of listening to multiple speakers who are experts in the field of marketing, retail, and technological commerce. These industry leaders shared insight on how their companies achieve success and think outside of the box. We would like to share three key takeaways from this tradeshow that we believe can help your company #Score2Win.

  1. Know your brand and company values

Bringing it back to basics, the importance of knowing your brand and its’ values are key when trying to figure out the best way to market yourselves in this hyper-competitive society. Axel Schwan, Global CMO of Tim Hortons, stresses that understanding your brand values is the key to strong filtering for marketing execution. This will ensure you are building the right bridge to connect with your clients and consumers. When you embrace your company values, you are differentiating yourself and providing business value to your clients. Values are crucial to establishing a positive relationship with your target audience. Marketing these values and displaying with full transparency creates a culture of openness and information sharing that consumers appreciate.

  1. Focus on enhancing engagement

It is proven that engagement has the largest relationship to conversion. Creativity boosts engagement and contributes to 47% of advertising. Utilizing this knowledge, we recommend your company places a heavy focus on innovation and differentiating themselves in a unique way. The use of unique swag products to market your company will increase brand awareness, recognition, and engagement. Rob Scott, Marketing and Research VP of Contobox, states that, “creating higher engagement ads increase brand awareness significantly.” The four elements that were highlighted to make an engaging experience are: elevation, pride, insight, and connection. By focusing on these four elements when constructing your marketing tactics, you can assure higher engagement for your company and boost conversion rates.

  1. Emotional connection

Building an emotional connection with your audience is a notion that has now become a necessity. Connecting on an emotional level through your company’s marketing strategies creates customer loyalty and pride. Consumers want to support and identify with a brand that has positively impacted them. The key is understanding your target audience in order to effectively communicate in a way that speaks directly to them. This allows an emotional connection to be established and prompts engagement between the company and consumer relationship. Emotions play a huge role in decision making, so being inclusive is vital to a successful implementation strategy.

In the end, knowing your brand’s values, creating engaging ads, and focusing on building an emotional connection with your audience will strongly influence your company’s success. Score’s talented specialists work passionately with your company to help elevate your brand creatively and contribute to your success.

Score Celebrates International Women’s Day

Score Promotions is celebrating women’s achievements and working to raise awareness and action for gender-equality. This global campaign celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political accomplishments of women all around the world. Our passionate team at Score has many inspiring and knowledgeable women, who contribute largely to Score’s success and unique ability to provide our clients with quality results.


We want to encourage your company to celebrate this global campaign today to raise awareness about the #BalanceforBetter campaign. This themed campaign is celebrated all year long to unify direction and galvanize activity through providing a meaningful framework to connect and amplify action. At Score, we believe that balance drives a better working world. We can collectively all raise awareness and support global campaigns through the use of promo swag to display your company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility.


Say hello to Score’s inspiring females:

Amy copy

Amy, Director of Sales and Marketing


Cindy, Lead Graphic Designer

Diana copy

Diana, Marketing Manager

Dina  copy

Dina, Director of Human Resources & Operations


Gianna, Account Coordinator

Joanne copy

Joanne, Director of Client Services


Kayla, Account Coordinator

Kristine copy

Kristine, Senior Account Manager

Laura copy

Laura, Client Services Coordinator


Lena, Account Coordinator


Natalie, Account Coordinator


Rachel, Senior Account Manager


Sydney, Account Coordinator


Vania, Graphic Designer



Score with Unique Swag Items

Are you looking for innovative ideas for your company swag that will be sure to differentiate your company? We have all seen the classic branded USB cable, popsocket, and earbuds that have made appearances around every work or home space. While the classic tech items are always favorable, Score wants to introduce you to a few unique items that will be sure to make a statement. The promo world has endless creative opportunities that can be leveraged to complement your company’s culture.

Zaq Travel Car Diffuser

This travel friendly aromatherapy diffuser fits perfectly in any vehicle cupholder. It is designed to prevent tipping while your vehicle is moving and features a car adapter to ensure you can always use it on the go. Turn your vehicle into a calm, tranquil space.


Phonebot with Marketing Card Packaging

Say goodbye to smudges and dust on your touch screens. Switch this fun gadget on and place it on your devices screen. Watch it swiftly move across the screen and wipe it clean.

 phonebot-with-marketing-card-packaging (1)phonebot-with-marketing-card-packaging

Videology with Marketing Card Packaging

Enhance your storytelling with this 2.4 inch display innovative business card. It autoplays once opened and can store multiple videos. Start with a short video to spread to your clients, and later interchange the video for a new one.


Campbell Wireless Speaker

Modern technology meets classic, vintage styling. This new compact wireless speaker with passive subwoofer packs a punch. You can answer calls, find old favorite tunes or play your own. The Campbell is a great custom desk or home accessory.


Bluetooth Plant Pot

This 4 in 1 plant is sure to make a statement. Just touch the leaves of your plant and hear it play a tune. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and watch the Flower pot lights illuminate for a fun experience.


The promo world has an infinite amount of possibilities to get creative with your custom swag. Dare to be different with your next promo product to enhance brand awareness and culture. Here at Score Promotions we pride ourselves in our successful ability to innovate custom designs for unique products that your company can benefit from. Working together we can go beyond traditional swag and design creative personalized unique items.

Score Using NFC Technology

Nearfield Communication (NFC) technology is a method of wireless data transfer that can be leveraged to enhance your brand experience and achieve success. This technology enables Bluetooth devices to establish wireless communication. Evolving from RFID technology, the NFC chip operates as one part of a wireless link which is then activated by another chip. Once activated, the data can be transferred between the two in proximity without the need for internet connection. In layman’s terms, you can scan something and get instant access to personalized content.

This technology enhances the experience of the user and can boost sales as it is a noninvasive way to inform and persuade individuals. Consumers can talk directly with brands via their products when the NFC chip is scanned on product packaging.

NFC technology can be leveraged in the promotional marketing world by driving awareness and increasing interaction. It can be used to: make payments, reservations, direct to a website for information or video, as well as link social pages such as Facebook and Twitter. NFC chips are being built into many new promotional products and we want to show you a few products that can enhance your brand experience.


This pen allows access to any information that the company branded pen wants to share with the user. Directly link your company website or contact information to ensure easy access to communicating potential opportunities.


NFC Coasters

This product is a clever way to market your brand or service. The chip can guide a user to competitions, games, product information or fun facts that will lead to enhanced engagement and interaction. Perfect for the bar and restaurant industry.


NFC Journal/Notepad

Brand a hard cover journal with a BrandPatch equipped with NFC technology as a perfect item to take to networking events, business meetings or even gift it to a client/employee. Simply scan the chip and direct someone straight to your digital business card for easy contact information.


NFC Backpack

A backpack equipped with NFC technology makes for easy purchases without the fuss. Plan your marketing content to provide instant access to any information your brand wants to promote.


These tags can be extremely helpful to connect with product/event information, contests, promotions, surveys, or business details. Start incorporating NFC technology to build and engage a community by linking social media profiles and letting users connect seamlessly with your brand page. Starting scoring and enhancing your brand experience through the use of NFC technology and promotional products.

Raise Awareness with Promotional Products

Promotional products now play a pivotal role in bringing attention to issues that matter and are very effective tools in spreading awareness all year long. Using promotional products to raise awareness about cause is an amazing way to differentiate your company and show your devotion. Having your company show support not only helps bring attention to the cause as well as aids the Not-For-Profit organization involved, but it also demonstrates your company’s culture and values. Increasing your company’s corporate social responsibility is imperative as most consumers and job seekers consider how businesses take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their business operations. Promo products also create a desirable impression of your brand/organization by using a unique item to make a statement. Here are a few products you can use to help convey a message to your target audience and increase awareness about social causes.


Petite Phone Loop

This cost-effective promotional product can be customized with your screen print logo or organization name to create awareness about a cause. Our in-house graphic design team will help come up with fully custom, unique designs that will separate you from your competitors.



Whether it is a classic t-shirt or hat, this route helps any organization create an identity in a cost-effective and classic way. Create the right design for your company or even innovative a catchy slogan to help increase the memorability.


Tote bag

This popular, well-used method of using printed tote bags to promote an organization’s support for a social cause has proven to be successful. Put your logo, website, or slogan as a way to capture people’s attention and travel all across your city and probably much further.


Cuddly Accessory

Bring your company to life and provide a memorable connection to your brand by raising awareness through branded plush stuffed animals. Whether it is your custom mascot or a simple bear, this product is sure to stick around the office or maybe even make its way into your employees/clients home.


Raising awareness about social causes through promotional products will help you redefine the way people experience you brand. These meaningful products will humanize your brand and leave long lasting connections with your audience.

The AMA Behavioural Marketing Event Scored

Score Promotions was extremely proud to attend the American Marketing Association’s Behavioural Marketing event as a partner on Tuesday, February 19th in Toronto. Score’s mission is to inspire the world’s brands to discover the incredible possibilities that promotional marketing creates. The AMA consistently provides amazing opportunities to connect with other professional marketers in the industry in order to aid their brands in unleashing their unlimited marketing potential.

D&I AMA event

As a branding merchandise company, Score has experienced the success that companies have when leveraging promotional marketing to maximize brand awareness and strengthen their consumer relations. We are constantly excited to network closely with professionals in the industry and open the doors to the promotional world in order to create opportunities that brands will benefit from. These opportunities grant the achievement of strong consumer-brand relations.

Score Promotions enthusiastically supplies the AMA Toronto Chapter and its members with custom promotional opportunities at VIP Prices. To increase our helping hand, we are waiving set up fees and graphic design service fees as an additional AMA benefit.

The AMA Behavioural Marketing event provided the attendees with a lot of insight into the significant benefits that behavioural economics adds for marketers. Behavioural economics can help marketers create an environment that aids consumers to make specific decisions by influencing shoppers’ purchase decisions in a multitude of ways.


One of the evident ways this is achieved is by placing promotional products in places that consumers are more likely to buy from. Seeing as our world is becoming more and more interconnected, the opportunities to create closer relationships between our companies and customers is growing exponentially. In such a hyper competitive industry, brands must make it a goal to enhance their customers and employees experience whenever possible.

This is where Score can provide significant value to your company; by using company swag to achieve this goal. It is known that consumers make purchase decisions with a heavy emphasis on emotions, with only 30% coming from rationale and 70% coming from emotions. With this knowledge, it is crucial to work together to enhance customer and employee participation in order to successfully differentiate your brand and create top-of-mind awareness.


The endless opportunities that the promotional marketing world can provide to brands is a relatively untouched space which allows for infinite unique ideas, events, and products. The promotional world may seem intimidating as there is a vast number of products/options to choose from. Behavioural economists label this as choice overload, which is when consumers are presented with too many options and therefore become overwhelmed and enter decision-making paralysis.

This is truly where Score Promotions excels; by working consultatively with our clients in order to cater to their desires. We focus on what you are looking for, and then create compiled tailored ideas that best fit your goals. This is then where you can pick and choose the perfect option for your brand. By utilizing behavioural economics and leveraging promotional products, we can work together to ensure your company Scores.

New Products That Scored at the PPPC Tradeshow

The Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC) hosted their tradeshow at the International Centre on February 7th. Score promotions attended this tradeshow tour keeping the needs and best interests of our clients in mind to ensure that we are staying up to date and providing you with the best in the industry. It was a great day of collecting samples and ideas, talking with other industry professionals, and showing our clients the endless possibilities with company swag. Here are three stand out products that will help differentiate your company and enhance your culture.

 Plant-able Invitations

With the eco-friendly and sustainable living trend being huge right now, we are seeing biodegradable eco-paper on the rise. This paper is made with post-consumer materials and is embedded with seeds. When planted in a pot of soil, the embedded seeds will grow and the paper will decompose leaving flowers, herbs, vegetables and zero waste. This paper is great for thank you cards, invitations to events, or even business cards. We encourage you to start using this plant-able paper to not only enhance your company culture but feel good about helping the Earth and environment as well.

bloomintuliphawthornRetail Inspired Bags

Bags that shine in the retail space are showing to outperform others in the promotional product world. Retail inspired products are showing up everywhere in this industry and these bags are going to be a huge hit. These retail inspired bags will add excitement to your company and show that your keeping up with the latest trends. Modern, classic, sleek designs are increasing in demand and popularity as they make for the perfect item for commuters in the city.

SPT-2_BLACK_1024x1024DanvilleDuffel_WebDebossed/Embossed Notepads

Embossing/debossing are great ways to add texture and enhance notepads, business cards, wallets, leather key tags, and other stationery items. Embossing adds an elegant effect by creating a raised design, while debossing indents in the stock to achieve the opposite effect as embossing. Use this technique to highlight important details, such as company logo or names, which add a tactile dimension to your print. Help increase the memorability of your company by providing employees and client with an embossed or debossed notepad. This is professional look is sure to impress.


At Score Promotions we pride ourselves and our passionate work by staying on trend and on the hunt for the best products in the industry. This is to ensure that we provide your company with nothing short of the best by providing fashionable, trending, and exclusive products that consumers value.

New Score Items from the PPAI Tradeshow

We came. We saw. We conquered. Score Promotions attended the Promotional Product Association Industry’s (PPAI) tradeshow from January 13th – 17th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Score’s team of industry experts got to experience the extraordinary expo and check out what promotional products are creating the most buzz. Returning from the largest industry trade show in North America, we would like to share some of our favourite picks. Help your company Score by staying up to date with the innovative, on trend promotional products that are perfect for company swag.


Asobu Reusable Straws

Made of recyclable stainless steel these straws have a bendable silicone section for 360 access to your beverage. Conveniently made to tuck neatly in the silicone carry holder with an attached strap, these eco-friendly straws are a perfect promotional gift. Say goodbye to throw away straws and jump on board the eco-friendly trend with these reusable straws. Your recipient will be happy and so will the environment.


Asobu Wireless Beat Bottle

Stay hydrated while listening to your favourite tunes! This 2 in 1 product is a double walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle that also lets you enjoy your favourite music. With an innovative styled body that allows for better sound production, this easy connect wireless beat bottle is sure to be well loved.

Asobu Wireless Beat Bottle AdNArt

Custom Glass Signs

Bring your brand to life with an eye catching, vibrant glass sign that will amp up your company’s culture. These custom signs display your brands image by making a bold statement. You could even gift a magnetic glass board which is both beautiful and functional. Turn stunning artwork into a work surface that is usable and go the extra step because it definitely won’t go unnoticed.


Cupixel Sketch

This is a unique gift that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Provide the opportunity to create something stunning to display and be proud of. Order the cupixel art box, download the free app, upload your photo or choose from an image gallery and then paint your own unique cupixel sketch using augmented reality technology. When complete, this new Cupixel sketch can be admired by all and displayed with pride.


Danville Duffel

Rugged and durable this duffel has space to fit everything you need. This vegan leather and cotton canvas material will help this duffel only look better with age. Every individual would appreciate a personalized, stylish duffel bag to secure their belongings with ease.


Wireless Charging Portfolio with Magnetic Closure

This sleek notebook is equipped with a built-in power bank wireless charging pad, internal pop up USB port, phone tablet stand, 3 card holder, elastic accessories, pen loop, internal LED charge indicator and charging cable. Digitally imprint on the top or lower bottom center for a perfect gift and office accessory.


Wooden Sunglasses and Watches

Beautifully handcrafted wooden sunglasses and/or watches are going to be a huge hit. These stylish items come in a variety of high-quality woods including bamboo, beech, cherry, ebony, maple, rosewood, sandalwood, walnut and zebra. Customize an everyday essential with your brand’s logo that makes a statement.


Voice Activated Robot

This innovative robot will put a smile on every recipients’ face. It is voice responsive and can move forward, backward, turn, spin, sing and dance. It has voice repeat and recording, touch sensing mode to control movements, and can playback 4 songs to dance along to. Differentiate yourself with a personalized voice activated robot as a company swag gift.


These are just a few of the stand out, must haves that were seen at the PPAI industry tradeshow. We love to help your company ensure your employees are proud and equipped with the leading promotional products in the industry. Let’s work together to make sure that your company Score’s this year.

Customer Experience in the Digital Era

We live in the year 2018 – buyers are more educated than ever; therefore, in order to connect and build relationships we need to heavily rely on creating a unified customer experience. What are different ways a prospect can interact with your brand? Creating a consistent experience across all marketing channels is vital in order to appear unified and strong.  Paying close attention to the customer journey causes and results in overall customer loyalty and revenue.

In the ubiquitous era generating leads and throwing them into a pipeline is no longer sufficient to drive long term results. What is more important is how marketing and brand engagements continue while sales is engaging or after a sale is made. The interconnected world of social media and digital advertising does not give marketers an excuse to be lazy, but rather opens up opportunity for consumers to interact with your brand at virtually all times.

In today’s world 34% of marketing budgets are spent on platforms that did not exist 20 years ago (i.e. Instagram); in order to access your consumer correctly you must create a message that meshes consistently into the daily life of prospects and clients. What better way to mesh than to incorporate your brand into their daily activities by means of promotional items that are functional, useful and valued.

Our key takeaway? Branding matters and needs to be present in every aspect of the customer journey. In order to stay relevant and top of mind, having your brand present in the form of a promo item coupled with regular content via social channels keeps prospects and clients aware of your services.