Trends That Will Score In 2019

I know what you are thinking, that came quickly! It is 2019, a year of luck and a fresh opportunity to differentiate yourself amongst the crowd. Actively staying up to date with the current trends allows you to be one step ahead by thoroughly understanding what consumers are looking for and integrating that into your brand.  Staying on trend will provide you with a competitive advantage that allows your innovation for 2019 to flourish and stand out. These are the 3 largest trends Score is forecasting for 2019.

1. Holographics and Metallics

2019 is all about shining bright and making bold statements by adding pops of holographic and metallic accents. From holographic bags to boots, this daring trend will be sure to demonstrate your adventurous and unique ability to stay ahead of the curve. Holographics and metallics have been around for a long time, so why are they everywhere in the 21st century? Apart from being aesthetically appealing, the use of these gleaming fabrics showcases a forward-thinking approach to product-design. Sequins, metallics, sparkle and glitter give any product a next level shine and are perfect for those seeking a bold, on-trend product. This trend has gone from the runway to street-style combining traditional design and current tech to allow individuals to express themselves with a futuristic 3D vibe. Holographic styles have a rainbow iridescent swirl in the fabric, while metallics generally have a one shade shine look. Grab a holographic tote or metallic notepad to push the boundaries and ensure that you keep scoring.

Mood Boards Post

2. Eco-friendly

Everyone is becoming more and more careful about sustainability and preserving our environment with 2019 being no exception. The eco-friendly trend is not going anywhere and the innovative products that are available allow you to be modern chic with the benefit of protecting our Earth. Boomers, Millennials and Gen X care more than ever before about purchasing eco-friendly products and are willing to pay higher prices. 66% of consumers are prepared to spend more money on products that promote sustainability.Modern consumers continue to grow their eco-conscious in order to make smarter purchasing decisions.  Incorporating reusable, reused, and biodegradable products is an easy adjustment and is still on-trend for 2019. From solar powered phone chargers to notebooks with organic paper, it is time to refurbish in an eco-friendly way. Hemp, linen, cotton, cork, bamboo and many more environmentally friendly fabrics are showing up all over the market as brands continue to innovate and respond to the demand. Get on board with this trend and make a positive contribution to our environment.

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3. 90’s baby

Let’s take a trip down memory lane because if you haven’t heard yet, the 90’s trend is back. We all know that every trend resurfaces and this time it’s back with a bang. Celebrities and high fashion models have been rocking velvet, chokers, pops of neon and branded T’s. These reborn 90’s trends are grungy and minimalistic, but they bring back your dose of drama to make a statement. Bucket hats can brighten up any simple outfit while scrunchies are doubling as a cute arm accessory or hair piece.  Taking inspiration from the streets, 90’s fashion is about dipping your toes on the rebellious side with a carefree approach that allows you to express yourself. Textured velvet designs, neon accents, flannels, and distressed denim have all made a comeback and are on-trend for 2019. Recreate and modernize your style by reworking this trend into your everyday life and embracing the carefree feel of the 90’s.

Mood Boards Post


Now that you are updated on all the forecasted trends for 2019 it is time to rework them into your life and brand. Keeping up with the current trends is essential to keep scoring in 2019 !

Customer Experience in the Digital Era

We live in the year 2018 – buyers are more educated than ever; therefore, in order to connect and build relationships we need to heavily rely on creating a unified customer experience. What are different ways a prospect can interact with your brand? Creating a consistent experience across all marketing channels is vital in order to appear unified and strong.  Paying close attention to the customer journey causes and results in overall customer loyalty and revenue.

In the ubiquitous era generating leads and throwing them into a pipeline is no longer sufficient to drive long term results. What is more important is how marketing and brand engagements continue while sales is engaging or after a sale is made. The interconnected world of social media and digital advertising does not give marketers an excuse to be lazy, but rather opens up opportunity for consumers to interact with your brand at virtually all times.

In today’s world 34% of marketing budgets are spent on platforms that did not exist 20 years ago (i.e. Instagram); in order to access your consumer correctly you must create a message that meshes consistently into the daily life of prospects and clients. What better way to mesh than to incorporate your brand into their daily activities by means of promotional items that are functional, useful and valued.

Our key takeaway? Branding matters and needs to be present in every aspect of the customer journey. In order to stay relevant and top of mind, having your brand present in the form of a promo item coupled with regular content via social channels keeps prospects and clients aware of your services.

Best Backpack for Fall

It’s not only the students going back to school who hop on the backpack trend at the beginning of Fall. Having a bag that is convenient for transporting your goods from one place to another comfortably all the while looking fashionable is essential in today’s day and age. Workers are busier than ever, and in the digital era, they are increasingly working from anywhere and everywhere. When your office is remote, or your meetings are all over the city, having a go-to bag like a backpack is essential.

Below are our top backpack picks for Fall 2018:





Spector Nomad



Leeds Hershell Esque




Starline Herscheal Steal




Packable Make It Pop


Revival Backpack



Each of the styles above showcase trends that are up and coming in the world of retail. Additional luxe decoration methods such as brand patching are available on some and reinforce the

Organize Yourself for Fall

It’s that time of year again – students heading back to school, the weather begins to get colder, and it’s time for you to get organized! In every job field there can be room for more organization in some way shape or form. The key to understanding how to organize efficiently is having the correct tools. Whether you are starting a new job or just looking to shape up at your current one, maximizing your time by organizing is essentially where you will always learn to be more efficient. Below are the top promo products to help organize yourself for fall!

 Agenda or Journal

The most organized people often have many things on the go at once – doesn’t that seem ironic? It is because they know how to efficiently organize! Writing daily tasks down in a journal or future ones down in an agenda format. Regardless of how you write it down, having notes from yourself in the past to refer to in the future, will always help you in the long run. You’re not a super human! But you can be with the right tools.

Field Notes Agenda
Monthly Planner - Fully Custom

Wooden Power Charger

The allure of eco-friendly items is increasingly growing. Not only are these items ultra trending, but you can feel great knowing you are using a product made of completely recyclable materials. Engraving your logo into a timeless peace like this reinforces the fact that you are ahead of the curve and also eco-conscious. This helps you organized by ensuring that the key to your organization (your mobile life-line!) stays fully charged at all times.

Eco Freidnly Power Bank

Key Chain Adapter

Have an easy access USB and adapter at hand at all times by keeping this fashionable key chain by your side. The faux-leather braided adapter looks luxe and fashionable, yet the item itself is very functional and effective. Keep organized at all times by not having to search through your bag or desk for an adapter. Simply look no further than your set of keys!


Keychain Organizer

The Desk Wedge

This extremely fashionable piece is fully customizable and sits on your desk throughout the day. This is a perfect place to keep your phone perched, and also has a microfiber cloth on the bottom so you can keep your phone clean. Having a spot for everything at your desk allows you to stay calm, cool, collected and organized at all times.



Desk Organizer & Kit

This custom set includes tape set, stapler, writing organizer and desk organizer. Giving this as an employee onboarding kit or even a present to clients because it is fully customizable in terms of the graphics and print you put on them. This set is very high value for a relative low price. When your desk looks great, it becomes less of a chore to maintain it and keep organized. Not only will your desk look great, but also you will have a set place for everything.

Desk Set

Inspirational Mug

A motivational mug on your desk can brighten up your space. Whether it is your favourite saying, your name, our something sweet and motivational – sometimes a little goes a long way. Having custom items on your desk helps keep you motivated to keep organized.


Inspirational Mug

Reusable Straw

By now you have definitely heard of the strawless movement growing in popularity. To further promote your organization’s commitment to sustainable movements, giving your employees this gift is a something they will keep long-term and recognize your commitment to the environment each time. This is also something that will perpetuate the good vibes and have you feeling refreshed and ultimately allow you to keep less trash around your desk each time your enjoy your Starbucks iced coffee.


Reusable Staw

Faux Leather Card Holder

Ready to show you mean business? Keeping your business card on you at all times can be hard. Ensure that your cards are kept protected and on hand at all times with these stylish holders. Not only will you feel organized and ready for business, but it will show potential clients are partners that you are too!

Card Holder



Did you enjoy our top picks for fall organization? Let us know! Contact your Score Promotions Account Rep for details regarding minimum quantities and your pricing.

The Monthly Score: Golf Classic 2018

On Tuesday July 31st 2018, Score Promotions participated in our first ever client appreciation event. The Score Golf Classic 2018 was held at Lebovic Golf course in Aurora.

We were blessed with amazing weather and welcomed a diverse crowd of clients for a fun day on the links.

Clients from Labatt, Mosaic, HRPA, AMA, Circle K, BMO, Knewsales Group, and many other organizations participated in our day of fun.

Donations from raffle ticket sales were donated to the Tourette Canada Foundation.

To learn more about the foundation please click here.

We look forward to putting on many more events like these. Seeing our clients and friends mingle and create more bonded personal relationships was the highlight of our day.



Team Danney

AMy + clients

Kirsh & Melissa



Danforth Strong

We are truly heartbroken as we continue to learn more about the victims of the senseless act of violence that occurred Sunday night on the Danforth.

As a proud Toronto-based company, our hearts go out to all the victims, families, first-responders, and community members affected by Sunday’s atrocity.

To all our clients – we will be opening up sales orders for donations to be added to your final invoices for the next two weeks (ending August 10th).

We will be matching the total amount donated and giving the funds to both of the young girls who lost their lives and the GoFundMe accounts created in their names.

To all members of our following and social networks – if you are interested in donating on your own behalf to #DanforthStrong please click here.

As well, there has been separate funding accounts for each of the victims who lost their lives.

Reese Fallon was a recent graduate of Malvern Collegiate entering a nursing program at McMaster University. In honour of Reese, there has been a fund set up to create a scholarship in her name. To donate to this fund please click here.

The Kozis family experienced a great tragedy when daughter Julianna and father Donny were severely injured in the attack resulting in the loss of the young girl’s life. To donate to the funds that will be transferred directly to the family to use as they see fit please click here.

Our motto at Score has always been #GoodVibesOnly. We love our city for making all those feel safe and welcomed, please help support as we aim to help keep #TorontoStrong



By The Pool Products

It’s summer! And everyone knows that the best place to relax and cool down during the extreme heat is by the pool. We’ve chosen the best by the pool products for you to take advantage of in the months to come. Sit back and relax as each of these items will ensure you maximize your time to chillax.


Drink Floaties

These fun drink floaties ensure you enjoy your pool side drink in style. Floaties have been extremely popular this summer. These mini sized cup holders ensure that your drink stays afloat while you plunge under the water.
InflatablePinkFlaming Beverag CoasterBeverageCoaster


 The perfect tote

Ensure that all your by the pool essentials are kept dry and on you at all times with a customized tote. Not only does this cotton canvas feel as relaxed as you are going to be, but the nautical rope straps give it that by the water feel.




A pop of colour tumbler

This fun tumbler comes in a variety of summer style colours that will add an enthusiast pop to any pool party. Personalize the cups by adding names to go the extra mile!




Pool Slides

Make sure your comfy while coming in and out of the pool with these fully custom slides.



A waterproof Bluetooth speaker

No need to stay clear of the splish and the splash – this bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof and can be custom to your aesthetic!



Interested in any of the pool products? Reach out to us now with your logo for pricing!


Summer Swag Bag

Have you heard about the Score Summer Swag Bag?

We have decided to send out seasonal catalogues and product ideation samples to all Score’s VIP clients! The first edition to this new set of initiatives was the Score Summer Swag Bag. Clients were pleased to receive gifts with product inspiration out of the blue. Our lead Graphic Designer, Cindy, was responsible for the creation of our summer catalogue design, and putting together ideas for every summer swag scenario. We look forward to sending out more gifts to each of our clients and continue to educate in the promotional product marketplace.

Feedback from Clients:

“Good morning Team Danney! Just got the sweet summer swag bag, love it thank you so much. Already loving the green cup included there and would love to get pricing on it with Plan Logo please. I’ll look at the book shortly, more to come. Thanks again” – Plan Group Inc.

“Hi Matthew! We just go the boxes with the summer treats at the office. Really great stuff in there, thank you!!!!” – Burnbrae Farms

“Thank you so much, what a fun gift. Matthew that was so kind of you. You made my day and weekend!!!! I owe YOU lunch! Will let you know what they decide on the glasses. THANKS AGAIN, so very much!” – Gowling WLG


Swag Bag2

Sweet Treats Summer

Swag Bag Book1

Swag Bag Book2


Interested in receiving exclusive Scores like this one? Reach out and we will let you know how!

Canadian Pride Products

After Canada Day long weekend we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase all the Proudly Canadian promotional products your brand can use to propel their national pride. Below are the best products for showing your Canadian Pride – you won’t be sorry about these!

Maple Syrup 
Customized bottles of maple syrup are a bold statement of Canadian pride. They make great custom gifts that will be treasured by your clients.

1.Maple Syrup Hang Tag

Canadian Cutting Board
These products are amazing promotional items because they last forever. Adding your logo alongside an evidently Canadian mascot such as a moose adds a subtle nod to your company’s sense of nationalism.

Moose Cutting Board

Muskoka Chair Bottle Opener
If you’re Canadian, you know where Muskoka is! Give away these rustic looking muskoka chair bottle openers as gifts for clients to make a memorable proudly Canadian statement.

Muskoka Chair Bottle Opener

Herschel Travel Bag
This luxe looking travel bag is perfect for any kind of trip. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or heading up north, this bag has enough room for all the essentials.

Outdoor Duffle Bag

Roots Sweater
Roots and Canada go hand in hand. Keep comfy and warm by a campfire in this quarter-zip that can be completely customized. Add your company’s logo on a patch or personalize with embroidery.


Custom Ball Cap
This new style ensures you keep up with the trends. Pairing a cream or green cap with your logo pays tribute to the great outdoors of Canada and puts forth a very northern feel.


How are you showcasing your Canadian nationalism with your brand? Comment below!

The Monthly Score of June

This month’s score goes to Amy & Gianna – the fashionable duo sweeping the promotional scene, seeking out the newest and hottest trends before the rest!

About Amy & Gianna:

Amy is our Director of Sales & Marketing, with over 12 years’ experience in the promotional branding industry, she manages a large book of accounts along with the sales and marketing initiatives of the company. An obsession with logos and branding starting from childhood. Her keen eye for design and tireless work ethic have made her the perfect storm in the branded merchandise world. Her attention to detail and emphasis on customer satisfaction helped her to quickly catch attention from some of the biggest companies in North America. You can catch her designing her own line of products, spending time with her husband and 2 kids, and traveling to sunny destinations.

Gianna is our resident petite fashionista. With 8 years’ experience in the fashion and marketing industry, she’s mastered everything from campaign concepts and execution to fashion marketing shoots. Her keen eye for colour, design, and her flair for style propels her passionate dedication to branding and marketing – she’s one to watch. When she’s not scoping out the latest trends and products, you can find her enjoying time with family and friends, travelling to her home away from home NYC and Miami.

Together, they make up the one of the most creative teams in the promotional marketing industry. Striving to create unique, trending, and valued promo products that compliment their client’s brands and strengthen awareness in their targeted markets. This expert team seeks out the highest quality items with prices comparable to the most competitive in the industry. We are focused and determined to develop long-lasting business relationships, and always adhere to the strictest level of customer service.

How does this team Score?

Read the Amy & G’s answers as they talk about what influences them, inspires them, and propels them to provide fashionable and on-trend products to their clients.

  1. Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
    A: Instagram has been the most useful and plentiful source of fun fashion inspo
  1. What is your favourite summer trend?
    A: Dad inspired accessories (hats, sneakers, fanny packs etc.)
  1. What excites you about providing brands with promo?
    A: Unique projects every time with so many at once, it pushes me to be at my best in terms of creativity and resourcefulness
  1. What is one of the keys to your team’s success?
    A: Speed in which we communicate with our clients, that Gianna and I are in sync on most everything, our passion for creativity, retail and fashion trends and ultimately building genuine relationships with our clients
  1. What is your favourite summer activity?
    A: Hanging out at the pool with my family
  1. How do you stay on-trend in the promo world?
    A: By mimicking whats happening at retail and in the fashion world as ultimately the best received promotional items are ones in which the end user can relate to.  End users will value items that have high perceived value and generally this is determined by whether or not they’ve seen these items sold at retail or modeled by their favourite influencers etc.



Want to learn more about these petite fashionistas? Follow their social media accounts or reach out to / for more details!