Summer Swag Bag

Have you heard about the Score Summer Swag Bag?

We have decided to send out seasonal catalogues and product ideation samples to all Score’s VIP clients! The first edition to this new set of initiatives was the Score Summer Swag Bag. Clients were pleased to receive gifts with product inspiration out of the blue. Our lead Graphic Designer, Cindy, was responsible for the creation of our summer catalogue design, and putting together ideas for every summer swag scenario. We look forward to sending out more gifts to each of our clients and continue to educate in the promotional product marketplace.

Feedback from Clients:

“Good morning Team Danney! Just got the sweet summer swag bag, love it thank you so much. Already loving the green cup included there and would love to get pricing on it with Plan Logo please. I’ll look at the book shortly, more to come. Thanks again” – Plan Group Inc.

“Hi Matthew! We just go the boxes with the summer treats at the office. Really great stuff in there, thank you!!!!” – Burnbrae Farms

“Thank you so much, what a fun gift. Matthew that was so kind of you. You made my day and weekend!!!! I owe YOU lunch! Will let you know what they decide on the glasses. THANKS AGAIN, so very much!” – Gowling WLG


Swag Bag2

Sweet Treats Summer

Swag Bag Book1

Swag Bag Book2


Interested in receiving exclusive Scores like this one? Reach out and we will let you know how!

Canadian Pride Products

After Canada Day long weekend we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase all the Proudly Canadian promotional products your brand can use to propel their national pride. Below are the best products for showing your Canadian Pride – you won’t be sorry about these!

Maple Syrup 
Customized bottles of maple syrup are a bold statement of Canadian pride. They make great custom gifts that will be treasured by your clients.

1.Maple Syrup Hang Tag

Canadian Cutting Board
These products are amazing promotional items because they last forever. Adding your logo alongside an evidently Canadian mascot such as a moose adds a subtle nod to your company’s sense of nationalism.

Moose Cutting Board

Muskoka Chair Bottle Opener
If you’re Canadian, you know where Muskoka is! Give away these rustic looking muskoka chair bottle openers as gifts for clients to make a memorable proudly Canadian statement.

Muskoka Chair Bottle Opener

Herschel Travel Bag
This luxe looking travel bag is perfect for any kind of trip. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or heading up north, this bag has enough room for all the essentials.

Outdoor Duffle Bag

Roots Sweater
Roots and Canada go hand in hand. Keep comfy and warm by a campfire in this quarter-zip that can be completely customized. Add your company’s logo on a patch or personalize with embroidery.


Custom Ball Cap
This new style ensures you keep up with the trends. Pairing a cream or green cap with your logo pays tribute to the great outdoors of Canada and puts forth a very northern feel.


How are you showcasing your Canadian nationalism with your brand? Comment below!

The Monthly Score of June

This month’s score goes to Amy & Gianna – the fashionable duo sweeping the promotional scene, seeking out the newest and hottest trends before the rest!

About Amy & Gianna:

Amy is our Director of Sales & Marketing, with over 12 years’ experience in the promotional branding industry, she manages a large book of accounts along with the sales and marketing initiatives of the company. An obsession with logos and branding starting from childhood. Her keen eye for design and tireless work ethic have made her the perfect storm in the branded merchandise world. Her attention to detail and emphasis on customer satisfaction helped her to quickly catch attention from some of the biggest companies in North America. You can catch her designing her own line of products, spending time with her husband and 2 kids, and traveling to sunny destinations.

Gianna is our resident petite fashionista. With 8 years’ experience in the fashion and marketing industry, she’s mastered everything from campaign concepts and execution to fashion marketing shoots. Her keen eye for colour, design, and her flair for style propels her passionate dedication to branding and marketing – she’s one to watch. When she’s not scoping out the latest trends and products, you can find her enjoying time with family and friends, travelling to her home away from home NYC and Miami.

Together, they make up the one of the most creative teams in the promotional marketing industry. Striving to create unique, trending, and valued promo products that compliment their client’s brands and strengthen awareness in their targeted markets. This expert team seeks out the highest quality items with prices comparable to the most competitive in the industry. We are focused and determined to develop long-lasting business relationships, and always adhere to the strictest level of customer service.

How does this team Score?

Read the Amy & G’s answers as they talk about what influences them, inspires them, and propels them to provide fashionable and on-trend products to their clients.

  1. Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
    A: Instagram has been the most useful and plentiful source of fun fashion inspo
  1. What is your favourite summer trend?
    A: Dad inspired accessories (hats, sneakers, fanny packs etc.)
  1. What excites you about providing brands with promo?
    A: Unique projects every time with so many at once, it pushes me to be at my best in terms of creativity and resourcefulness
  1. What is one of the keys to your team’s success?
    A: Speed in which we communicate with our clients, that Gianna and I are in sync on most everything, our passion for creativity, retail and fashion trends and ultimately building genuine relationships with our clients
  1. What is your favourite summer activity?
    A: Hanging out at the pool with my family
  1. How do you stay on-trend in the promo world?
    A: By mimicking whats happening at retail and in the fashion world as ultimately the best received promotional items are ones in which the end user can relate to.  End users will value items that have high perceived value and generally this is determined by whether or not they’ve seen these items sold at retail or modeled by their favourite influencers etc.



Want to learn more about these petite fashionistas? Follow their social media accounts or reach out to / for more details!

Team Bonding: The Score Cottage Weekend

This past weekend, Score Promotions and our sister company Trillium Sales Group headed up north for a couple days of team bonding. We work together in a tight environment for over 40 hours a week, so spending time together outside of the office to learn more about each other personally was a great way to bond and strengthen relationships. Head management also surprised the group with custom sweaters celebrating the weekend in true Promotional Marketing Industry fashion.

Below is a heartfelt message from one of the cottage weekend attendees. We believe this truly sums up the heartfelt bonding that occurred during our time together outside of work.

“Good Morning Everybody,

 I just wanted to extend a sincere Thank you to all for sharing your company with me this weekend  

 Being able to cook for the lot of you is something I won’t forget.  I want to make mention there was a secret ingredient I added to every dish. I’m sure some of you even tasted it.  

 Love and joy. :)

 It was pure joy to see so many of you and your significant others enjoy your time. 

I say it clearly that it was all a labour of love to make it happen.  

 Thank you everybody for adding your individual flavours and spices of life to another successful gathering.”


Cottage Weekend_edited

Father’s Day Gifts

As we sneak into the second week of June, Father’s Day is coming up just around the corner. In past year’s you may have scrambled to come up with gifts ideas last minute. At Score, we are thinking proactively so you can get the perfect Father’s Day gifts just in time – and make it personalized too! Creating gifts that are personalized adds all the more thought and value. Below we have picked out the top items we think your dad would be thrilled to see on Father’s Day Sunday morning.


A Custom Six-Pack Holder

Create something that looks vintage and manly by personalizing you Dad’s very own six pack cooler. We will definitely want to bring this to guy’s night at a friend’s or store this in his man cave.
6 Pack Carrier


A Custom Beer Flight

Keeping in line with nights out with his friend’s, this is a completely customize-able set that your dad will love. Beer flights are all the rage in any trendy brewery downtown. Why not let you dad in on what’s hip and let him enjoy four different types of beer in one sitting. Father’s Day is a great occasion to pull out a Beer Flight.


Beer Flight

A Custom Coaster Set 

What better way to enjoy a drink than with these extremely luxe looking coasters?  Personalizing coasters with your family’s last name is a great way to ensure they get used and your tables stay clean.

Leather Coaster Set

3 in 1 Beer Coolers

These coolers are great because not only do they fit any standard liquid, but they fit a standard beer can or beer bottle as well! These are great for tailgates, football games, beer leagues, camping, and other outdoor fun. Not to mention, the imprint area is fully custom and capable of really bringing attention to the cup. Put a custom saying or even a caricature of your dad!

3 in 1 Tumbler

A Dad Hat for your Dad

For a couple of year’s now the Dad Hat has been all the rage. Why not play up this pun by getting a dad hat for your dad and call out the reference with a custom logo or saying on the front. We’re sure he’ll be showing it off far longer than the Dad Hat phase lasts.

Dad Hat

A Custom Sweater

A stylish sweater is a great gift for any dad. Add a small crest or patch with his initials on the left chest to make the garment pop, and add the extra element of personalization. This is a sweater he can wear both casually around the house, to the office, or on a night out.


A Cooler for his Fishing Trips

You know those weekend-long fishing trips every dad takes about once a year? This is a perfect product that ensures he will be able to fit everything and more! It conveniently fits up to 8 cans and comes full custom with protein shake bottle and containers for food.

Stay Fit Cooler

A Briefcase that Means Business

A custom brief may be on the more pricey side, but this is a luxury item that is timeless and will never go out of style. Add a monogram or a nice quote debossed somewhere subtle to add a touch of personalization.

Leather Messenger Bag

What do you think about our top picks for father’s day gifts? We pride ourselves in that #WeBrandEverything! Reach out to us for your next custom order.

The Monthly Score of May

For the Monthly Score of May, we are featuring the evolution of our showroom! As Score Promotions has continued to grow in size and putting forth more attention in our marketing a presentation in order to better serve our clients – an upgrade to our showroom was an essential next step!

We have put together collections showcasing over 30 of our most frequent suppliers that represent some of the best products the promotional marketing industry has to offer. With a vast amount of custom products, and various decorating methods, we are confident that the products chosen are some of the most trending, cost-effective, and quality pieces available to anyone.

In addition to our incredible connections to thousands of suppliers worldwide, our exclusive access to in-house and in-stock product lines make branding quickly very convenient for our reps and their clients. We offer a large variety of in-house decoration methods, which means we are able to source product and brand it in-house to offset costs for our clients. We are all about servicing our clients in the most efficient and convenient ways, while having fun at the same time!

We look forward to the tremendous opportunities our new showroom will open for our team and our partners!

3m&Castelli Ad N Art Karen Spencer Towel Specialties

Perfect Golf Day Products

With warmer weather, and bluer skies, it is only natural that fewer business meetings occur within the office space, and more occur in outdoor spaces, or even better – on the green! We’ve put together a list of the best branded golf products to impress your clients when you tee up at your next golf day. Bringing a few of these goods as take aways for them wouldn’t be a bad idea either!


Golf Gloves

Personalized or branded gloves are a perfect way to show your clients you mean business, even when on the course! The personalized element adds more sophistication to your already put together look.

Golf Gloves Golf Gloves Female


A Luxe Polo

Putting your logo on a luxe and sporty polo is perfect for a meeting over a game of golf. Make sure you look casual but showcase your brand impressively.


 Stretch Mens Polo Slim Fit Ladies Polo

Custom Golf Bag

Probably the most prestigious logo placement you can create on the golf course is on your bag of clubs. Look sleek and prepared by customizing your golf bag to the nines with this stand-up set.

Callaway Stand Bag

Coloured Golf Balls

Showcase the colours that are true to your brand with custom golf balls available in a wide colour spectrum and area to place your logo in one colour as well!

Coloured Golf Balls

Custom Slides

Essential comfort shoes for before and after golf. What better way to relax your feet after all that putting around?

Nike Sandal SLip


Walking around on the green can be recipe for a sunburn! Ensure your clients’ and your own skin stays protected throughout the day. Bring branded sunscreen bottles that you can happily share and give away!

SPF 30 Sun Screen

Golf Inside The Office

Don’t have the time to take your clients on the course? Bring the green to them with this customized indoor set-up. We’re sure they’ll use it to practice their putt.

Putting Green Office

Long Weekend Essentials

With the May Long Weekend slowly approaching, and the sun beginning to shine, with warmer weather on the horizon we can begin to crave that country air with Cottage Season on the way! As Canadians, May Two-Four weekend marks the start of the up-north living where individuals head to camp and cottage. Since we know this is where the REAL summer party begins, we decided to put together a list of essentials to help you prep and pack for the long weekend festivities ahead.


Whether you are planning a picnic in the city, a fire at the campsite, or lounging dockside at cottage – we have the right products for you! Keep in mind that these amazing products can be used throughout the summer season, since outdoor season rolls right into Fall. If you’re looking for the best promo to give away in the months to come, considering camping and cottaging is an amazing fit for any Canadian demographic.


Here are our top picks for Long Weekend Essentials:

1. A Great Duffel Bag

This organized duffel bag allows you to hang your clothing selection on the nearest hook or hanger, giving you full access to everything you brought. Not only does this keep you organized throughout your weekend getaway, but it also lets you keep yourself packed the entire stay so you don’t have to rush when it’s time to leave. Over-packing is typical of us Canadians who have learned that with unpredictable weather, you must be prepared for every scenario. This bag ensures you bring just the right amount and in an organized manner.

Hang1 Duffel Bag

2. Some Lazy Clothing

Whether you are camping or at the cottage, comfy attire is key. Keeping warm and comfortable is necessary for any given scenario. Lazypants is a company that dedicates itself to the pursuit of comfort. With apparel for both men and women (female products showcased below), this brand is one everyone will be sure to love. Cozy up next to the fire or in your tent with the most luxurious lazy clothes you could ever imagine.
LazyPants Lazypants Sweater

3. A Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker

Whether it’s by the lake, by the fire, or on the road to your destination – music is essential at all times. Of course while in the great outdoors, lighting can be limited so it is also necessary to carry a lantern or flashlight while enjoying nature in the dark. This product offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to light the night while jamming out to your favourite tunes.



 4. A Sleek Cooler For Your Drinks

We all know that long weekend and a two-four go hand in hand. Having a cooler close by to keep your drinks cold is key at all times. This cooler also converts into a seat so that you can sit by the lake or by the fire, with your refreshments right beneath you. We love the multi-functional ability of this product, which also allows for some cool customization (pun intended).



5. A Trendy Container For Your Cool/Hot Drinks

This insulated mug makes for a trendy piece that keeps your drinks either super hot or cold, depending on what you’re in the mood for. So whether you’re having a cold one by the dock or warming up beside the fire with some hot chocolate, this is the perfect product for you.

Drinkware Eco

6. A S’mores Kit

If you’re by the fire, then s’mores are a Canadian essential. Ensure you have all the right ingredients ready with this custom s’mores kit. Giving this out to your clients and employees will have them thanking you after their getaway. They’ll be more than pleased to talk about how perfect your gift was when they are back at work.

Picture 58692

7. A Warm Blanket

Having a warm blanket at night when it gets cold is a must. This blanket folds conveniently and is great for travel. Not only is it very practical for carrying around, but it also has the softest material to keep you snuggled up throughout the night. Putting your brand on this one is a great idea.

All Purpose Blanket

8. Some BBQ and Kitchen Accessories

If you’re camping, picnic-ing, or at a cottage, chances are you will probably be BBQ-ing as well. Ensure you are well prepared in any scenario with this 3 piece set. As well, these are the perfect utensils to ensure you toss the perfect salad. The Salad Fingers are not only fun to use, but are extremely mess-free and will ensure everyone is happy with a healthy side.


Salad Hands

Interested in learning about more products to elevate your outdoor living experience this summer? Feel free to comment some products you wish you see! We will help you source them and provide a unique and creative way to showcase your brand this Summer!


Outdoor Swag Part 1: BBQ Season

The weather is warmer, which means outdoor sports and activities are in full swing! In the first installment of our Outdoor Swag education series we will be featuring BBQ tools and essentials. It’s patio season officially, and naturally – BBQ is everywhere! Read below as we unpack the most essential promotional products for any outdoor BBQ cook-out. As always, we are happy to work together on any upcoming projects. If these ideas spark your interest – reach out! We’d love to help make your swag dreams come true.

BBQ Girl


#1. Apron

Show your chef side with a personalized apron. When wearing this at your BBQ party, there is no doubt you are in charge. Keep your clothes clean from the typical BBQ-ing mess and grill in style!

BBQ Apron2 BBQ Apron


#2. Wireless Grill Scraper

Keep your grill clean and safe with a wireless grill scraper. Not only is this item a safe and effective alternative to metal bristles, but it also allows for great customization and logo placement.

Wireless Grill Cleaner

 #3. Multi-tool

This multi-tool comes equipped with any utensil you might need to achieve the perfect grill. Be prepared for anything with your spatula, fork, knife, bottle opener, and marinade brush all in one place. Never forget any of your tools with this handy item by your side.


#4. Battery Operated Cork Screw

Impress all your guests with this convenient and easy to use tool. Open the tightest of bottles with this battery operated cork screw and bottle opener. It looks sleek and has the perfect room for custom branding.

Wine Opener

#5. Vino Tumbler

This wine tumbler is portable, stackable, and unbreakable! The storage capabilities of this item, make it incredibly practical to save space. Great for outdoor activities, this piece is perfect for by the pool or beside the BBQ.

Vino Tini Vino Tini 2

#6. Serving Tray

This wooden serving tray is quite literally the life of the party. Carry out prepared food and drinks on this sleek and luxe tray with your brand tactfully engraved in the corner. This item is perfect for serving food indoors, outdoors, and even in-bed!

Serving Tray

#7. Wooden Turntable with Salt & Pepper Shakers

Ensure that everyone with a seat at the table has easy access to every dish and essential condiments! This lazy-suzy style turntable allows you to easily and comfortable turn the tables and give every guess access to all that they need.


#8. Glass Take Away Containers

Finish up your BBQ party as the hero by giving each of your guests take-away containers with leftover food. Everyone uses containers for leftovers so having a great quality branded option looks great for your company. Put your logo on both the lid and the glass container for optimal exposure. Glass containers are microwaveable and more sustainable for the environment.

Food Container1

When planning swag giveaways for the warmer weather, be sure to consider upcoming outdoor activities! BBQ items are the perfect promo giveaways since they are practical and needed all summer long.

BBQ Serving Pic

BBQ Season Pic

Gifts for Mom

Everyone knows that May is the month for celebrating mothers and all motherly figures around the world. It is the time to express how much these people mean to us and how proud we are to have them in our lives. It is also the month when consumers spend billions of dollars to get that perfect product for Mother’s Day. During this month, it can be hard to find the right product to say: “This is how much you mean to me”. Plus, that “I Love Mom” mug is getting a little predictable.

mothers day blog 2

This year, look no further! Our large selection of custom made Mother’s Day products can make any event celebrating mothers a success! Whether you are looking for a quick promo, or a grand gesture, our range of products can say it all. Take a look at some the newest items on the block, listed below. You might just find the perfect fit for your brand! Just pick a product and leave all the creativity to us.

Phone Cases

Whether it is a grandmother or a teenager, everyone has a phone nowadays. These cell phone cases come in all styles and varieties. Get a cool slogan or a meaningful message on the back. You can even stick with the classic “I Love Mom” for this one. Pick any pattern or colour selection and make this the perfect product for anyone!

i love mom cell phone case

Custom Candles

Scented candles are great classic gifts for anyone who loves to spruce up their decor. With a large selection of scents and colours, these candles are a great little way to celebrate the special women in our lives. There are also unscented ones for those who are sensitive to strong smells. Pick a style and we can customize it to your brand and preferences!

love mom candle

Custom Wine Glasses

A small memory goes a long way. Grab a product that reminds someone of you and your brand whenever they see it. Custom wine glasses are a great way to get a message across and give someone a gift they will actually use. Moms need their “mommy juice”, so get them something that will remind them to treat themselves once in a while. Customize them however you want to make them a perfect fit for your brand.

mom wine glass

Makeup Bags

No matter how big or small, it’s the thought that counts. That’s why our custom makeup bags come in all shapes and sizes. Create a specific design or just give us a style and we will do all the customizing. Makeup bags are a great way to promote your brand and give a special lady a special gift for when she wants to travel with all her beauty needs.

makeup bag

This year get something creative for your mothers and mother figures to compliment that classic bouquet of flowers. Have a custom idea? Reach out to us! We’d love to help bring your idea to life!

mothers day blog 1