Items to Promote Wellness and Fitness

It isn’t easy sticking to a workout routine. There is a good chance that you included going to the gym on a regular basis as a part of your new year’s resolution back in January, many of us did. If you stuck with it, or have integrated into the fitness lifestyle, good job! If you haven’t, don’t worry, you are in the same boat as many of us. Consumers are constantly looking for ways to live healthier for either personal image or health reasons, or both!  whether they fall under a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle I got some intriguing products to help.   

Shaker Bottle

We will start with something everybody is familiar with, a shaker bottle. Very common and very practical. What makes this one so special? Nothing too extreme, but part of the lid twists off to allow storage for pills, supplements or protein powders. Other bottles have a detachable compartment at the bottom, but that is just wasted space. Having part of the top be dedicated to storage maximizes the bottles real estate.


Shaker bottle

Mission Cooling Towel

Another staple workout essential, with a twist. Mission’s towel doesn’t just wick away sweat, but instantly cools to 30 below the average body temperature when exposed to moisture and whipped in the air. Breathable, chemical free, and machine washer safe. Great option to cool the body after an intense workout.


Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands are a good way to increase difficulty of common workouts and give your legs a good burn. Made of a cotton blend, these bands toss out the original rubber build for increased breathability and reduced irritation


Resistance Bands

Royal Fleet Fitness Tracker

A more cost-effective option from the big brands, the Royal fitness tracker offers many of the same features. Waterproof design, inbound notifications, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, step and calorie counter, and much more. Even comes with its own app for more customization options. Simply put, it’s a good little helper to micromanage fitness goals without the premium price point.   

Fitness tracker

Selma Sipper Tritan Infuser Bottle

Another bottle with an added feature. The Tritan contains an insert dedicated for fruits and vegetables for flavor and nutrient infusion. A good alternative to overpriced and over sweetened vitamin water. Customize the flavor and benefits in a stylish package.   

Infuser bottle

Yoga Mat

For those looking for a more elegant form of fitness, this yoga mat is perfect. Comes with a black adjustable strap for easy transportation and helps keep the mat folded for easier storage. Available in black, purple, and royal blue with custom imprint option on the strap.

Yogo Mat

LED Safety Clip

Living a healthy lifestyle is great but safety precautions always need to be taken. For those whole likes to go out for late night runs, the Shoeviz safety clip is great asset to alert drivers of your presence.   

LED Clip

Exercise Sliders

Form is important during exercise and there is nothing more annoying when a slippery floor prevents you from achieving perfect form. That where the exercise sliders come in. They act as added grip for your hands and feet in order to sure up footing


Anti-Slip Pads

Oasis Recovery Kit

An important, but often overlooked, part of any exercise is the recovery. Whether it be a post workout drink or cool down many individuals overlook this step. A good post workout will help reduce soreness and recovery time. The Oasis recovery kit comes equipped with 2 message balls and a muscle roller tucked in a neat string bag. Consistent use will help with blood flow and reduce chance of workout related injuries.  

Recovery kit

Karma Yoga Duffel Bag

Finally, the piece that ties it altogether. Made of polyester and PU leather the Karma yoga bag has adequate room to fit all items listed, or simply workout essentials, and even has a pouch to keep a yoga mat handy. Two padded straps can be adjusted for desired length and a custom logo can be placed in the center.

Duffle bag

No Place Like Home

Our households can be seen as a type of sanctuary for many of us. It is where we can take a breather, be ourselves, and simply put, feel at home. It’s not just the space that appeals to us either, it’s what populates it that makes it special. Often it is the people and pets that make a home…. feel like home. However, also remember the importance of maintaining a clean, relaxing, and organized living environment to go along with the people that make it great. Ignoring these elements might be more influential than you think. Keeping your home well maintained and cozy is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and here is why. 


Mental Health

Our brains simply feel at ease when we see cleanliness and organization, especially in our own household. It gives a boost to our mood and morale which can lead to a decrease in anxiety and stress. Is it an answer to all your problems? No, but not having to worry about a messy household gives the mind one less thing to worry about.  Remember, it isn’t just about the sanitation aspect of it either, fill your household with items that keep your mind relaxed. Oil diffusers, bath salts and scented candles do a great job at stimulating your sense of smell with a calming fragrance.

Physical Health

Now that the wellness of your mental health has been addressed, let’s switch to your physical half. Just like your mental health, your physical health can be drastically impacted by your surroundings. Keeping your household clean will decrease the likelihood of illness, frequent wipe downs of commonly touched surfaces should be standard while items like air humidifiers can be an added bonus to increase air quality. Keeping household items organized can also help prevent injuries by mitigating clutter/tripping hazards.  




Simple math, it is hard to get stuff done with tons of clutter. Not knowing where things are can get annoying and slow down productivity, this is especially true if you have a home office. Keeping your at home work space well maintained will help you stay focused on the task at hand. Help keep your working space organized and safe with items like cable holders, desk organizers, webcam blockers or a document folder  Also, don’t be don’t be afraid to invest in items to personalize you your working area either. 

Self Respect

At the end of the day you want a home you can be proud of. Whether it be to show it off to loving friends and family, or just keep its amazingness to yourself because you deserve it. Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this is supposed to be YOUR sanctuary. The idea is that you want your household to reflect who you are and what makes you happy. By respecting its integrity you, in tern, respect yourself. You do this by keeping it clean, organized, safe, and, above all, cozy.   

Home Workouts, How to Get Started and Keep Motivated

When going to a public gym is not an option, or simply isn’t preferred, home workouts are a great alternative. A common misconception is that you need an entire home gym with thousand of dollars worth of machinery, but that simply is not the case. All you need is a personalized routine, some workout equipment, and a good attitude.  

Choosing a Routine

Something to keep in mind when creating a routine is that everybody is unique. Our bodies have different needs and capabilities and there is no universal routine that trumps the rest. The best place to start is to make a list of workouts you enjoy, or would like to try, and find a similar workout routine that fits the mold or create a home workout completely from scratch. Make sure to understand what muscle is being used and strengthened with each workout to insure it fits your needs. Regardless of which you choose there are basic steps you should incorporate no matter your preference. First, always stretch before doing any routine. This will decrease chance of injuries and maximize range of motion. Secondly, keep hydrated. This will shorten recovery time and help keep your body temperatures low. Lastly, make sure to make time for a cool down. This often includes a short jog or walk to return your body to a resting state. Recovery kits are also a good idea to take accumulated stress off your muscles, reduce soreness, and increase blood flow.   


Choosing Equipment

This is subjective, as every person will have a unique routine that requires different equipment. Before you buy anything understand what you want to get out of your workout. Do you wanna focus on increased muscle mass? Then weights are probably what you are looking for. Do you wanna maximize your flexibility? Yoga mats are you best friends. Do you wanna improve your stamina? A good pair of earbuds and moisture wicking clothing will do you good. Even though your equipment will depend on your workouts there are pieces of equipment that are more common than others due to their versatility and popularity. Regardless of what you are doing, you are gonna sweat, and a lot. Having a good towel will keep your workout space as sweat free as possible, as well as your body. Resistance bands have been very popular in the last decade, they require little setup and can be added to almost any workout to increase difficulty. Jump Ropes are another common item, very good for high intensity routines or can be used a cool down. 


Staying Committed & Motivated 

Often, getting started is not the problem, it’s staying committed. There can be many factors that contribute to abandoning your routine. A lack of time, energy, or money are often the most common culprits, however, more often than not, it’s really a lack of motivation. Often, having a workout partner can be just what you need. They will help make sure you stay on track and give you the emotional support to keep going, and in return, you do the same for them. Another good idea is to set a fitness goal, whether that be to lose a certain amount of weight, body fat, waist size, or increase physic, setting a goal with incremental achievements is a great way to boost morale. Fitness watches are great devices to manage your progress, they can tell you your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, workout time, and much more. Remember to keep your goals realistic, measurable, and set specific time frames. This last piece of advice is simple, but often overlooked, but having a consistent workout schedule is good for being consistent with your routine. Set digital reminders and alarms, post sticky notes around the household, have your schedule as your phone background photo, whatever works.By planning out a consistent schedule you are more likely to stick with your plan. 


Working From Home

Working from home is an interesting subject and experience. You get to work in the comfort of your household, have a more flexible schedule, and the atmosphere is very different. Many people would jump at the idea; however, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Mentally, we tend to be more alert and productive in a workplace environment because…well…. there isn’t much else to do. Your home, however, is supposed to be a place of relaxation and often filled with distractions. Your comfy bed, loving family, loyal dog, fridge full of food, television, long hot showers, the list goes on. So, in response to the current COVID-19 situation many individuals have probably been asked to merge their home and work life for the time being. For some, this is a whole new experience that will take some time and effort to integrate. If you fall under this category, don’t worry, we have some helpful tips to combat the distractions and keep you focused.       

Working from home

Create a Working Schedule and Stick to it

You may be very tempted to sleep in and complete tasks when the feeling hits you, but that is a dangerous game. Even though you no longer have strict hours to work and nobody monitoring you you should still be keeping a consistent routine. Be strict on yourself, set a morning alarm in order to be up and ready when it is time to get to work and make sure to have a set end time as well. Doing so will program your mind to be more alert and productive during the set hours. It will also help you keep a time frame of when certain tasks should be completed each working day. 

Separate Work and Personal Life

This ties in with the earlier point, it is all about keeping your mind focused. It will be more difficult to separate the two when they both share the same physical space but it will make a huge difference. Set boundaries with those in your household. during working hours you are not to be disturbed, unless of an emergency. You will want to set up a physical space for your work to help enforce this rule and get in the workplace mindset. Speaking of…..

Set Up a Work Space

Try to understand the type of work you are being asked to continue at home and invest in the tools to help you achieve them. You may wanna set up a small scale office/work area in your house to remind you, and others, that you are currently “at work”. It is not just for show either, set up your space with items you regularly use at your workplace to make it functional. This can include items like an organizer, planner, wireless mouse (because track pads can be a hassle), USB hub, sticky note setor whatever suits your needs.     

Take Breaks 

Let’s be honest, nobody works at 100% efficiency during work hours. Make sure to take small breaks in-between and during tasks to avoid burnout and relieve stress. Socialize, if you are into that, listen to music, get some fresh air, take a quick run, have a snack, you do you. Make sure to also take a proper lunch break with a proper meal. However, don’t take advantage and disrupt your thought process.  


Remember, you are still part of the organization. You maybe isolated at home but you are all still working towards the same goal. Update your bosses on your completed tasks or send progress reports for bigger projects. Would be a good idea to use virtual meeting software (use proper headphones to avoid miscommunication) to keep everybody on the same page and retain a bit of the human element of work. Call or email coworkers to clarify any questions or information associated with your work or theirs.   

Bottom Line

Make the most out of your at home experience by taking advantage of the perks and flexibility associated with it. Find and customize your work space to help maximize your time and efficiency. Make sure you and the rest of your organization are on the same page and, Most importantly, don’t forget to take a breather and relax.    


How Custom Packaging Can Strengthen Your Brand  

First impressions

Do you remember your last job interview? You probably put on your best dress clothes, spent extra time on your hair, and got to the location a couple minutes early. Why all the effort? It’s because you really wanted the job. You really wanted the job and knew that if you made a good first impression your chances of getting hired would be pretty good. The same can go for product packaging…..  kind of. Besides a couple of clicks on your website, or cold calls, a customer’s first interaction with your brand may very well be unboxing their purchased goods. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that purchase will come in the infamous cheap cardboard packaging, not very exciting or memorable. Yes, it is a more cost-effective option but if you want to start building a strong customer loyalty base you need to stand out. You don’t necessarily need to go too fancy either, a simple logo and consistent color scheme can be all it takes to leave a lasting impression.

Is it really that important?

The short answer, yes. Like your company logo, your packaging can convey a lot about your business. This can include core values, origins, industry, culture, quality, and so much more. Will it most likely end up in the garbage immediately after being opened?  Probably, but the impression it will leave can be invaluable. Whenever you see anything custom a few things may come to mind, professional, premium, exciting, effort, and, most importantly, memorable. Think of packaging as one of many ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In saturated markets product differentiation can be difficult, so presentation might be the way to go. There is a plethora of design options available when choosing the right type of packaging, we’ll talk about that later.    

More than just a package

Think outside the box, you can use your packaging as an opportunity for other avenues. Use the space as a blank canvas for marketing, for instance. Besides plastering your name, logo and company colors you can add promotions, URLs, contest information, or anything important you need to communicate. One example of this is to print an event schedule on complementary pop sockets when hosting events. This could be great way to You can also use your packaging to show support to causes that align with your brand. Bio-degradable boxes can be a great way to connect to the green community. You can even do something more short term, like pink packaging during breast cancer awareness month. If your company doesn’t associate with any specific cause it can personalize during the holiday season. Christmas or Easter themed packaging are very well received by consumers.

 Score Gift

Sounds Great! But How does This Help Me?

I mentioned that using your packaging to communicate who you are to your consumer base is important, but why is that? Well, for one, it helps them get to know your brand and creates a unique relationship based on trust and promise. If you can communicate your company mission to your customers effectively, they will resonate with your products if they carry similar values. Let us use the bio-degradable boxes as an example. The Eco-friendly Trend has been soaring and individuals are emotionally connected to the cause. It’s a tough trend on business’ because they are partly responsible for the problem. Making an effort to “go green”, even if it’s as simple as limiting waste with packaging, shows you acknowledge and want to support the situation. You can take it a step further and use materials that fertilizes and plants seeds when discarded. Since consumers are so emotionally invested, they take that effort personal and begin to trust the intentions of your brand. Without making a single change to your core product, you just created value to your consumer base.

 Grow Your Business

Bottom line

It may take a bit more money and time, but custom packaging can be a major asset to your brand. It will make you stand out amongst competitors and resonate well with customers. You’ll be seen as unique and memorable instead of just another cardboard box. You might be wondering how to get started? A simple google search will give you an endless list of companies that specialize in this market. Some will require you provide them digital proofs while others will help you design and bring your ideas to life. Luckily, we at score promotions offer both services.

Score Promotions Is Here to Help!

The health and safety of our clients and employees during this time is of utmost importance to us at Score Promotions. While we recognize that there is a lot of disappointment and frustration during this time due to the change in daily routine and measures taken in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, we want to work alongside you in order to lift morale and assist in making your clients and employees feel comfortable and at ease.


Branded Items for Bringing Events Digital

As we begin to experience the effect of coronavirus, one thing we can’t help but notice is the increasing number of event cancellations due to precautionary measures. If not cancelled or postponed, many of these events have been moved to the digital sphere that allow individuals to participate remotely. 

While there is nothing we can do about these cancellations or changes, we can help to increase overall convenience and limit the disappointment resulting from actions being taken as a result of the coronavirus. 

For example, if your project is a destination event, instead of shipping the order to a Hotel or Convention Center, we can drop ship to each individual recipient’s home/office so employees or attendees can still feel appreciated under these troublesome circumstances.

We will also work with your team to come up with creative swag solutions that will excite attendees participating online. We believe in the power of these gestures and hope to reduce the impact of the coronavirus. One thing that we believe in is the power of innovation and technology during this time. Incorporating NFC technology into giveaways to drive individuals to online events or conferences can be a great way to build excitement. In addition, sending a custom video box with videos of content from the cancelled or postponed event can be a great tool in relaying information and ensure attendees do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this experience. 

Below is a collection of branded items that will help transition planned events to digital.

1. Mini Video Brochure


 2. Large Video Brochure


3. Reusable Fully Sublimated Bags



4. Custom Socks


5. Journal with NFC Capability

book nfc-01

6. Virtual Headset with Headphones


7. Pen with NFC Capability

cynthia superdome-01

In addition to the cancellation of large events, there have been a substantial amount of other changes to our daily routines as a result of the WHO recommendations. Below are lists of branded items that can aid frustrations during these times in each of the following scenarios. Our Logistics Team at Score Promotions is here to work with you to aid in drop shipping items directly to the doors of recipients.

Branded Items for Working from Home

This week we learned that the majority of offices in large cities have opted to have employees work from home in order to avoid coming into contact with large crowds of people. In lieu of the increasing number of offices and businesses operating remotely we have curated this list of great “Work from Home” products.

1. Fully Custom Desk Set

Work From Home

2. Neoprene Fully Sublimated Laptop Bag

Work form Home3. Solo Docking Station


4. Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover

5. Sublimated Mouse Pad

Mouse pad

6. Desk Dehumidifier

 Desk Dehumidifier

7. Three in One Computer Accessory 

3 in 1

Branded Items for Keeping Kids Busy

Another piece of news we received this week is that schools in Ontario will be closed for the two weeks following March Break. With kids home from school and advised to stay indoors, there is no doubt parents are looking for ways to occupy their time in a sanitary and educational way. Below are items we have curated as part of a “Entertaining Kids at Home Kit”. Sending these items to clients, employees, or prospects during these times will have them sighing with relief and appreciation.

1. Doodle Book & Journal

Doodle Books

2. Colouring Paper Set Fan

Colouring Paper Set Fan

3. Mini Hockey Sticks

Mini Hockey Sticks


Branded Items for Working Out at Home

It has been recommended to avoid other public places like your local gym. Many individuals are looking for ways to stay active without leaving the comfort of their own home. We have put together our list of “Workout from Home” items that are sure to promote health and wellness within the home. Sending active lifestyle and wellness items that will aid your employees and clients in their pursuit of staying active indoors will have them grateful and inspired.

1. Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

Yoga Mat with Strap

2. Resistance Band

Resistance Brand

3. Three Piece Massage Set

3 Piece Massage Set

4. Recycled PET Eco Cooling Fitness Towel

download (1)


No Place Like Home

Lastly, during this time there is no doubt that people will be spending more time within their homes wherever they are. In order to ease this change of routine, why not make your home as cozy and inviting as possible? Below are some “No Place Like Home” items that are sure to make any recipient smile in these trying times.

1.  Popcorn Popper


2. Herringbone Throw Blanket


3. Bamboo and Marble Cutting Board

Marble Cutting Board

4. Tablet or Recipe Book with Stylus


5. Stone Face Roller

Stone Roller

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that we are here for our clients at this time. Score Promotions continues to take whatever measures we can that are safe and sanitary to increase the overall convenience of customers and limit any disappointment that may be felt as a result of these changes affecting our daily routines. We are here for each other.

NFC, Why it’s Important

About NFC

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a data sharing technology that comes in the form of a chip. It allows 2 devices to wirelessly transmit information by simply being in close proximity of one another. This concept is similar to Bluetooth technology with one major difference. This difference being that only one device needs to be “battery powered”, let me explain. Bluetooth requires 2 devices to be charged and in an active (Power on) state in order to successfully communicate data. With NFC, one device can be idle without any charge or charging capability. The very interaction of a NFC data transfer sends an electric magnetic charge to the idle device which powers it long enough to complete the data transfer. In other words, the active device lends power to the idle device until the data exchange is complete. 

What are the benefits?

NFC technology comes with both pros and cons. The most notable drawback is the range of the signal, hence, its name “Near Field Communication”. To put this into perspective, Bluetooth allows a range of around 1,000 CM for data sharing, depending on device capabilities, while NFC’s range…… is about 10 CM. On the plus side, NFC data transfer/connectivity is much faster than Bluetooth and much simpler. A simple tap of 2 devices will complete the data exchange instantly. As mentioned above, the other huge advantage of NFC is the fact that only one device needs to be active. Keep in mind that both devices can still be in an active state to allow for more data sharing options. For those worried about security, data sharing only occurs if the active device or devices have NFC connectivity enabled. Furthermore, its weakness of range helps in its security. It’s much harder for thieves to try and steal your digital information if they need to bring a device within 10 CM of your own…. that can get kind of awkward.

How is it used today?

Many people don’t realize it, but they use NFC technology almost every day. The vast majority of smart phones and other smart devices have NFC built in. This technology is the catalyst of apple and google pay transactions. Have you ever used the tap option on your credit or debit card? That wonderful feature is also NFC technology. If you can recall any time where you needed to tap one of your devices to perform a digital action it was most likely NFC. There are other scenarios that use this technology, but they are more niche in their nature. One of these scenarios include NFC capable pens. They are mostly utilized to direct individuals to predetermined landing pages.

How you can benefit 

NFC is very underutilized in the current business world. This scarcity is understandable in the consumer space, considering most of their wireless needs rely on distances out of NFC range. Even though NFC integration is a tricky business there are ways to exploit the technology to increase consumer engagement with your brand. One way, which was touched upon above, is to embed links to your website into giveaway items. You could Also have seasonal catalogs loaded into NFC chips. For example, one of your customers buys a bag and their friend likes it so much that they would like to purchase one for themselves but does not where to go. Easy! All they need to do is tap their phone on the strap of the bag and the catalog associated with that bag will download onto their phone. This is a great introduction for those not familiar with the concept and new technologies seem to always generate excitement. The current market might be scarce, However, going forward, several markets might soon become heavily populated with the technology. NFC embedded business cards and door locks are already great ideas starting to gain traction and might soon become the norm.

 Items to Get You Started

3-in-One Sheldon Pen

Well-constructed ball point pen with rear stylus. Great giveaway item to help introduce NFC technology to clients. Perfect for embedding landing page links for your company’s website.  


NFC Sheldon Pen

Hardcover Neoskin Journal

Quality hard cover journal with gusted interior pocket and ribbon bookmark. Available in 12 colors with custom logo option. Good opportunity to customize the NFC chip to show specifications of product.  

NFC Neoskin journal

Fabrizio Luggage Tag

Stylish luggage tags for your next trip. Built in magnetic enclosure and metal buckle clasp to stay firmly secured where you need it. Ability to load up an itinerary or hotel details from a simple tap of the phone.

NFC Luggae tags

Donald Stereo Headphones

Comfortable and lightweight over ear headphones with a simple and elegant design. Built in microphone and button controls for ability to pick up and control phone calls. NFC integrations allows end users to embed custom playlists into chip.

NFC Donal Headphones

Renew Backpack

Made from 16 water bottles, this flip-top backpack is a great sustainability item with NFC capabilities. A portion of sales goes towards companies actively striving towards cleaning up our oceans. Details of the program and the companies associated can be loaded onto the chip in order for customers to better understand the impact and power of their purchase.

NFC Renew backpack

Business Smart Duffel bag

Professionalism meets functionality with the business smart duffel bag. Ample room for all work life necessities in the interior with a touch of class and quality at the exterior. Important work schedules instantly with just a tap.

NFC Dufflebag

Raja Yoga Mat

Durable yoga mat with included harness strap for easy transportation. Great opportunity to load the NFC chip with your routine.

NFC Yoga Mat

Ray 4-In-One Charging Cable

Never go empty on your devices again with the ray charging cable. Equipped with USB 3.0, USB-C, micro USB, and IOS cables you will be well equipped for almost every situation. Able to charge multiple devices simultaneously and built in NFC means you can load this intuitive device with any important data you deem necessary.  

 NFC Charging cables

Fabrizo BBQ Set

Start preparing for summer early with the Fabrizo 16-piece set. Sleek carrying case equipped with all barbecue essentials including a knife, spatula, fork, tongs, 4 skewers and 8 corn holders. Embed links to some of your favorite recipes for rubs, seasonings and marinades.


Dino Earbud Kit

Great quality stereo ear buds with durable zipper case and multi-functional buttons. Comes with 3 sets of ear tips and available in 6 colors and customizable logo option. Take advantage of the NFC chip and embed links to complementary products from your company’s website.

NFC Dino Earbud Kit

Now that you are a little more educated on the benefits of NFC, don’t be afraid to start integrating it into your business. The capabilities might be a bit limited now but the future looks bright and full of promise. 

International Woman’s Day Gift Ideas


International women’s day is an opportunity to show appreciation to all the amazing women in your life, including the ones at the office. Its history traces all the way back to March 8th, 1909 and its purpose is to annually remember and appreciate the community of working women. If you feel strongly about the holiday, and want to show some support come march 8th, here are some great gift ideas for around the office.

Splatter Chocolate Bar

Chocolates are a great gift for almost any occasion. Show your appreciation for your female workers with this eye-catching delicious gift. Choose from a variety of customization options from different types of chocolate, logo, and splash color. I am sure the recipients will be very appreciative, especially if they have a sweet tooth.



Shortbread Cookies

What can compete with chocolate? Cookies, of course! Shortbread cookies, to be exact. Made from high quality ingredients and highly customizable. Choose from different shapes, sizes and packaging to best suit you.


ASOBU Flavor U See

A very simple but elegant gift, the Asobu bottle infuses the flavor and nutrients of fruits and vegetables placed in the center chamber. Stylish and functional with 6 available color options. A good idea to show appreciation and promote healthy living, seems like a no brainier.

Infuser bottle

Spa Gift Bag

Not as good as an actual spa experience, but it’s the next best thing. This set comes equipped with a nail brush, wash mitt, sponge, pumice stone, and a cosmetic bag. The woman in your company work hard, let them bring the spa home with them to get some much-needed R and R.

Spa Kit



Natural Scented Wonder Beads™

Work can be stressful; help mitigate the effects with wonder beads. Simply heat in the microwave and apply to muscles for soothing of pain and stress relief. Available in 4 colors with included carrying pouch.

scented wonder beads

Essential Oil Bath Salts

Another item to promote relaxation and stress relief. These bath salts are infused with select essential oils for amazing aromatics to go along with pampering skin treatment. Available in 4 different scents  and available imprint design option.

Bath Salts

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Tumbler bottles have become very high on the trending stage. They offer a great method to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Able to hold 16 oz of liquid and available in 14 colors with imprint option. Good opportunity to have strong words imprinted to describe your female workforce like “strong”, “equal”, “empowered” or whatever resonates best.


Elliston Blanket™

Winters can be tough, so a cozy blanket is always a viable gift idea. Made of a wool and acrylic blend, the Elliston blanket is about 32” by 66” when fully unrolled. Also comes with a quality leather holder. Laser etch customization option on the panel is also available. Bring the gift of warmth to your employees.


4 Piece Wine Gift Set

Good old wine, good for the soul and the body. They say a glass of red wine a day yields great health benefits, however, nobody really needs an excuse to enjoy wine anyway. This 4-piece set comes in a beautiful bamboo case and includes a wine stopper, foil cutter, opener, and pourer. The set is FDA tested and comes with a laser imprint option.

Wine Kit

Oil Diffuser Set

Oil diffusers are great! I speak from personal experience on that statement. Spreading the fragrance of aromatic essential oils is rewarding enough, which is said to hold health benefits. But they can also double as a night/reading light and the natural noise the diffuser produces is soothing to the ear. Anybody would be ecstatic to receive one as a gift. Even if they already own a diffuser, they can put one in multiple rooms. This set comes with the diffuser, power cord, and your choice of two essential oils.

Oil Diffuser

5 Gifts That Help to Improve Your Brand Recall Value

Gifting is an art. Choosing the right gift will allow you to grab the mindshare of your clients. With the holiday season fast approaching, it is important to choose the right gifts for your clients. This will not only help in attracting their attention but also make you stand apart from the competitors. 

Not paying enough attention to your choice of gifts will ruin your reputation. Your gift should be thoughtful and must portray your relation with the client.

Generic is the wrong choice while gifting. Sending generic gifts such as pens, candles, etc. will lower your brand value as the clients do not need them. Rather you should invest time to choose personalized gifts that instantly make a connection with the client and shows them that you care. 


Before we know about the top 5 gifting choices, let us discuss some tips to choose the right gifts. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right client gifts that compel your clients, partners, prospective clients to remember your brand.

  • Personalize

The first rule for effective gifting is to personalize. Always send personalized gifts that are useful to the client or add value to their collection. For example, if your client is a fitness enthusiast, you can gift a personal fitness kit from our fitness collection. Customized gifts help to create an instant connect with the client, stay on top of their mind and compel them to think of you whenever they use the gift or look at it. This will help you to improve your brand recall value and increase your revenue. Sending customized gifts will let the client know that you have invested time to learn about them and made the right choice of gift to suit their personality. 

  • Make a Budget

The gift should be proportional to the business the client’s company offers to you. Overdoing a gifting budget can be a disaster. For example, if your client gives you a business of $1000 in a year, choose a gift that is proportional to the business. The gift should not be too insignificant nor be too magnanimous. You can order client gifts from our extensive range of products in different price brackets. You can also benefit from our promotional offers and keep your gifting budget in check.

  • Choose Important Occasions for Gifting

It is not necessary to gift your clients only during the holiday season. You can choose other important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other important days of significance to the client. By choosing other dates apart from the holidays, you can stand apart from the competitors and occupy the mindshare of your clients. Send branded gifts decorative items etc. as tokens of appreciation to the client throughout the year. Your clients will not only appreciate the gesture but also remember you whenever the need arises. Moreover, you can avoid being one among the crowd during the holiday season. For example, you can send a gift on the birthday of the client or on the date of his association with your company and so on.  

  • Packing is Important Too

Gifting is not just about choosing the right gift article; it also includes the way you present it. You should choose the right packing material that complements the gift inside. There are many options when it comes to gift packing materials such as baskets for gifts, different types of gift bags and other packing materials. Our graphic designers and printers use state-of-the-art technology to design and print your brand name and logo on the gift products. 

  • Think from the Receiver’s Side

The right way to ensure that you choose the right gift is to put yourself in the receiver’s shoes. Think that you are one of the receivers of the gift and assess your reaction to the gift. Will you like the gift or feel it is too generic and boring? Would you use the gift or pass it to others? Does the gift remind you of the person or company sending it? Answering these questions will make the process of selecting the gift easier. Do not select gifts that you do not like, in the first place. 

  • Choose Gifts According to The Theme

While choosing gifts, it is important to keep the theme of the occasion in mind. For example, if you are giving gifts during a corporate event, choose gifts that match the theme of the event. On the other hand, if you are gifting to improve your brand awareness and recall value, choose gifts that convey the motto of your company or persuade the clients to use your products. 

  • Consider Cultural Differences


When you are buying gifts for clients based in other countries or regions, it is advisable to educate yourself about the gifting culture of that country. For example, you should not wrap gifts in white while gifting your Chinese clients because white is associated with death in China. Choose gifts that go well with the gifting traditions of your client’s country. 

  • Never Buy Gifts from Unknown Sources

Always choose a credible source to buy your corporate gifts. Your corporate gift is an important aspect that affects your brand value. You must choose high-quality products that are functional as well as economical. Choose reputed companies like Score promotions that offer a wide range of gift products at unbelievable prices. We also have promotional offers and discounts for bulk purchases. 

Now that we know how to make gifts special and interesting let us have a look at the top 5 gifting choices that will help you stay at the top of your client’s mind.

  • Health and Fitness Equipment

Impress your health-conscious clients by gifting personalized health and fitness equipment. You can choose anything from stress relievers in different shapes, fitness equipment, first-aid kits, pedometers, etc. If you want your clients to remember you during their leisure time or my time, choosing fitness equipment is the right choice. They will think of you whenever they use fitness equipment. It also helps you to portray the message that you care about their health. We offer a wide variety of health and fitness products across different budget brackets to suit your company’s gifting budget. Our range of health and fitness products are of high quality and from trusted brands. 

  • Golf and Sports Equipment

Golf and sports equipment are the right choices of the gift, to strike a chord with sports enthusiast clients. You can choose golf bags, golf balls, wristbands, umbrellas, Lanyards, chairs, Umbrellas, wristbands and megaphones. Gifting golf accessories and sports equipment with your brand name will add to the collection of the clients and compel them to think of your brand whenever they see it. Moreover, it helps you to differentiate your brand from competitors as it is a unique choice for gifting.

  • Bags and Totes

Bags that carry your brand logo or brand name are an excellent gifting choice for your clients across different demographics — shopping totes, conference bags, backpacks, duffle bags, gym bags, etc. There is a wide variety of bags for gifting. Choose a trendy tote, cosmetics pouch or toiletry bag for your female clients. You can also choose lunch bags, cooler bags or gym bags for young clients, or choose laptop bags as a useful and creative gift option.  

  • Drinkware

With the latest trend of carrying water bottles to avoid single-use plastics, gifting water bottles is a wise choice. You can spread awareness about environment conservation and also promote your brand at the same time. You can choose branded water bottles, tumblers, mugs, water bags etc. We have a wide variety of drinkware from beverage holders and stack cups to thermos and wine accessories. Our specialist printers and graphic designers will print your brand name, logo or message in the best quality and personalize the gifts to suit your clients. 

  • Stationary

Stationary is the best and the most popular gifting choice for many businesses. Stationary is one item that everyone needs on a day-to-day basis. Gifting high-quality stationary with your brand name helps to improve the mindshare of your brand with the client. Not only the client but his employees will also use stationary and it helps to improve your brand awareness and recognition. You can choose from a wide variety of stationery articles across different cost ranges on score promotions. We also have attractive promotional offers on stationery items such as document holders, business card holders, sticky books, note pads etc. 


Apart from these options, you can choose baskets for gifts that contain chocolates and other snack items, branded gifts decorative articles, apparel and accessories, picnic accessories, computer and laptop accessories, office supplies etc. depending upon your client choices, occasion and your budget. 

Corporate gifting is a challenging task. You have to select gifts that are unique and useful to the client. The choice of gift is important as it signifies the relation between your company and the client. It is always advisable to stay away from generic gifts and opt for personalized gifts that make the client feel special. Choose client gifts that improve your brand recognition and recall value. Choose a reputed dealer for your gifting needs as the quality of the branded gifts is of utmost importance.   


We all must agree to the fact that marketing changes the face and fate of a product. It is effective marketing that helps in the sales of any product created or manufactured by any company. It can just be powdered milk, or a company offering branded gifts, but the sales of this milk and gifts depend upon how the promotion takes place. Product promotion is also a type of marketing in which we make the maximum use of communication. We also use different mediums to bring about education and awareness of the product we want to sell. Promotions create interest and awareness of the brand or product, and the increased interest results in people buying that product more and more. 

How do promotions help with sales?

Promotional plan if carefully laid down, helps a lot in the increased sales of the product. We aim to target the specific audience and make them buy our product. We achieve the aims of products in different ways. Since we want to create awareness, bring interest, and recruit the buyers from them, we might need more than one ways of promotion. 

We can use traditional media for promotion. For example, newspapers, banners, and billboards can be used for promotion. One can also use social media, television, and other forms of digital media can be used to promote products and packages.

One unique form of brand promotion is personal marketing. A physical environment is created to do the promotions of the products. We can arrange concerts, game shows, festivals and travels to keep promoting the products we want to sell. Also, some brands prefer to bring about promotional events in the malls and departmental stores where the target audience’s attention is gained. This is a very interesting way of promotions, and the audience finds it more enjoyable too. 

Promotional products and their ability to reach the maximum audience

Promotional products are little objects and products that are used for the sales of the actual product. For example, decorative baskets or gifts featuring brand logo. This basket might contain chocolates and drinks with the brand logo. This way of promotional merchandise is quite popular and has proved to be one of the most important and effective ways of brand promotion. 


We simply add the logo or slogan of the brand and distribute these products with same brand logo. Sometimes, water bottles are used with the brand logo and distributed. People who get these bottles look at the brand whose promotions are going on, and interested individuals approach the brand for what they want. This ultimately proves to be in favor of the promotional brand in terms of sales. Some freebies are given, and this little investment turns out to be profitable for the brands.

 History of promotional products

Let us open some pages of history and know-how did this promotional merchandise evolved into the shape we are looking at. You will be amazed to know that promotional products are as old as the 18th century. It was 1789 when some dedicatory buttons were used in the election campaign for George Washington. Later in the 19th century, some promotional rulers, wooden objects, and calendars were used for the same purpose. 

If we talk about the founder of the promotional merchandise, Jasper Meek is the name that would come into mind. He was a printer by profession and worked in Ohio, United States. The first promotional object he introduced was the school bag and other school supplies on which the logo of the local shoe store was imprinted. Soon after, Henry Beach sold bags, card cases, fans, aprons, and clothes with imprinted logos, and they were used as promotional objects. 

The first trade association was founded in 1904 by a dozen manufacturers of promotional objects. Since then, the industry is more organized and making advancements with every passing day. Today, PPAI or promotional products association international has more than ten thousand active members from around the world.

There are several distributors of promotional products these days which have plenty of ideas and products for the brands present in any corner of the world. The industry has flourished to a great extent, and now, the competition is quite tough. Every distributor has now a separate website for the display of range it has as promotional products. It sometimes gets hard to decide the best among them.

Facts and figures about promotional products 

So far, we have learned that promotional merchandise is a huge industry in today’s time. But one must stop and think whether the promotional products give a boost to your business or not?? Well, for this, we have to open some statistic data to make the idea clear.

According to data, product marketing does engage several audiences and brings about more sales as a result. Digital marketing is considered to be most effective in any promotional campaign. According to the statistical data, almost 67% of the people using social media are almost always attracted to promotional campaigns.

But promotional merchandise is not less than the media marketing. It has also increased the sales of the products at an exponential level. Statistics is different in different countries.

Stats from the United States

For example, in the United States, almost 24 billion dollars is the total revenue from the mere promotional products up till 2017. This means that the industry is growing at a rate of 2.5 percent since 2012 in the United States. This has employed almost four lac individuals belonging to 26 thousand different types of promotional merchandise like T-shirts, notepads, pens, brochures, keychains, and writing instruments.

Stats from the United Kingdom

An estimated value of 850 pounds is reported from the promotional merchandise up till 2008. The value did decrease in the coming year owing to the recession. Most important promotional products were pens, umbrellas, mugs, leather items, and sorted out branded gift baskets and some of the personalized gifts. 

Stats from other regions 

Australia and New Zealand also showed good data in the field. 1340 million Australian dollars is the estimated worth of the merchandise. In New Zealand, it is 144 million NZ dollars. Printing and artwork in the form of decorative baskets for gifts is the most common form of promotional products.

How do we use promotional products?

If we want people to know more about our brand, we need to make a proper promotional plan for that. We have to make sure that the target audience is attracted and as they get to know the brand, they find themselves become loyal customers. But how this thing is achieved is really hard work.


  1. A promotional product supplier is one of the most important people that can help in an effective campaign. Manufacturers help a lot in the achievement of the purpose in a promotional event. They know effective methods to do that. 
  2. Proper training of every member of the promotion campaign is another wise step that one can take.
  3. The exceptional way of branding is another way which can be complemented by the exclusive ideas of promotional products. This is by far the most effective way of increasing brand awareness.

 Score Promotions, your ultimate solution for the promotional campaign

Like we said, today we can mark quite several promotional product manufacturers. But finding the best that suits our brand is a hard thing to do. Luckily, Score promotions cover all areas of the brand promotion taking your promotional campaign to the next level. 

Score promotions have this unique feature of having the most sought after specialists in the field. These specialists and the rest of the staff members make sure that the best of the best is delivered to their clients. Since these clients are the brand owners, and the lot is on the stake, Score promotions never compromise on the quality of the promotional material they offer.

Accountability and integrity are one of the topmost priorities of the company, and this makes them among the most reliable promotional product suppliers across the region. Coming up with the new idea for every client is another great feature of Score promotions. After all, nobody wants their promotional product is copied. This if happens, puts a really bad impression of the promotional company as well as the brand suffers a lot in terms of reputation and sales. 

Score promotions make sure that repetition does not become the source of disappointment for the clients. Besides, the company brings about the amazing quality of the promotional products, and the brand logo is imprinted, or embossed in a very creative way. Timely delivery, the authenticity of the products, and most affordable prices are some of the many amazing features of score promotions. 


To summarize, any brand can blindly rely upon the creativity and professionalism of the score promotions if they want a top-notch and outclass promotion campaign for whatever product they want. You can find many objects as promotional products like pens, notebooks, umbrellas, imprinted USBs, magnates, chocolate bites, branded gifts, bracelets, glasses, caps, tote bags, and backpacks. You name it, and Score Promotions has it.