Top Picks from PPPC 2018

On February 11th to 13th 2018, the annual Promotional Products Professionals Conference (better known as PPPC) took place at the International Centre, Mississauga. Tons of the industry’s top branding solutions and promotional products exhibited at the show to display their innovations and inspire the GTA’s leading suppliers, distributors, and clients.

We’ve selected our top picks from the show to share with our clients and friends. We have a feeling the below products will be trending in the months to come and are sure to be a hit amongst your colleagues and clients! All the below items are fully customizable and great options to highlight your brand. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Custom Sweets & Treats

Looking for a sweet gift idea for your colleagues or clients? Corporate Confections are the best option for custom branded treats that everyone will love. Displaying your logo on a delicious snack, or on perfect packaging of a tasty sweet will leave everyone hungry for more of your brand.

Corporate Confections Treats

Custom Umbrella App

Umbrellas have been around in the promotional product industry forever, but custom prints from your phone are a modernized and trendy way to personalize gifts for a team after a conference or event. Simply download the app “Yourbrella”, upload a picture, and receive a special code with your PO. These are not just your average umbrellas – they have a 42″ arc and come with auto open folding mechanics. These umbrellas can be as unique as you are, since you determine the design!

Peerless Yourbrella

Bali Portable Humidifier/Scented Oil Diffuser

Mental health, meditation, and good vibes are what it’s all about this year. This portable humidifier and scented oil diffuser is exactly what you need to escape the stress of your office or everyday life, by getting your Zen on wherever you are! The oil diffuser helps you relax while the colour changing LED lights keep you calm and at peace. This makes a perfect gift for clients or colleagues to promote wellness and keep the positivity around you flowing.

Specfit Diffuser

Asobu Cold Brew Drinkware

Cold brew seems to be becoming more available everywhere we look! But, the Asobu Coldbrew Insulated Portable Brewer lets you take it anywhere. This new technology uses innovative methods to prepare the most delicious cup of joe that is enjoyable whenever, wherever. We promise this product will be the talk of the town and loved forever.

Asobu Coldbrew

Grow Your Business Seeds

Another sprouting trend that is growing on everyone is sustainability and eco-friendly products. Herb Seed Paper Sprouter Kits are creative gifts that your clients will be enjoying for months down the line, while they enjoy their home-grown herbs. This product is a great way to showcase your brand’s dedication to environmentally conscious decision making, and we know your customers will value you for it.

Grow Your Business Seeds

Donald Cardholder & Power Bank

Travel in style with this new addition to the Donald collection. Not only can you carry your cards ensuring they are safe with RFIP protection, but your electronics will stay fully charged if you have your slim aluminum power bank on hand. Luckily, the power bank fits conveniently inside the slips of your Donald cardholder, and provides a full emergency charge to both Android and iOS devices.

Donald Card Holder with PowerBank

Charge Pad 2 

This wireless charger is the absolute best for those organizational fanatics fed up with tangled cords and power bars. You can simply place your compatible smart phone on top of this pad and watch the magic happen. The best thing about this product is that you no longer require a compatible phone! They’ve included two compatible receivers so that you can charge any phone, anytime! This product is convenient, practical, and can incorporate a beautiful design.

Logo Included Charger

Saddle Bag Cooler & Tote 

It may just be because our office is heading on vacation (woo woo!), but here at Score we are already dreaming of the beach. Stay organized at the beach using this Saddle Bag Cooler and Tote to keep everything you need within an arm’s reach. It includes an insulated cooler, so you can keep your snacks and drinks fresh, and spacious compartments for sunglasses, books, flip-flops, sunscreen, and all your other beach essentials. The tote is connected by adjustable mesh that allows you to not only carry your towel, but to lay it over your lounge chair for easy access to all your things!

Towel Tote

Interested in any of these products? Feel free to reach out to a member of our Sales Team! We would be more than happy to help make your branding dreams come true. Check out our Instagram Page to view stories from PPPC 2018. It’s clear we take our hashtag #WeBrandEverything seriously!

Score at HRPA 2018

On Wednesday January 31st to Friday February 2nd Score Promotions attended the Annual HRPA Conference and Trade Show. The show was held at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre and hosted over 4,500 HR Professionals from around Canada. Score was proud to sponsor Canada’s largest human resources conference by providing backpacks and lanyards to all attendees. Everyone was also provided with a self-promotional branded Salt Away bottle, which was a huge hit this winter season.

So how do Promotional Products and Human Resources work in tandem? We categorized our booth with 8 different pillars that make for perfect opportunities to use promotional items in your workplace!

1. Team Building
Custom apparel creates a cohesive brand and team environment! Make your employees feel more than just workers –  they are a part of a team that works together to get the job done.
2. Winter & Summer Events
We live in a country where the weather is constantly changing! As a result, appropriate promotional materials are constantly changing as well. Bundle up in the winter with warm gloves, coffee mugs, etc., and cool down in the summer with water bottles, sunglasses, frisbees, and more!
3. Workshops & Seminars
Providing attendees with memorable materials from your workshop or seminar will make the content rememberable and valued. Customize lanyards by printing the name of each attendee to add a personalized touch or provide them with a patterned notebook they will want to keep forever.
4. Recruiting
Ensuring your company, organization or brand stands out against the others is a pivotal part of the recruitment industry! Give away useful promo items that your audience will value and continue to use. For example, hand out pop sockets so your brand stays on the consumer’s phone and consequently by their side at all times.
5. Onboarding
Creating a sense of passion for your workplace is a great way to onboard new employees and get them acquainted with your company’s culture. Providing custom notebooks, post-its, and other office materials is a great way to make a new addition to your team feel right at home.
6. Company Pride & Recognition
Getting employees excited about their workplace is the best way to ensure they are kept happy and retained. Whether it’s providing your team with custom holiday gifts or rewarding a hardworking individual with a personalized milestone marker, boosting moral is vital to maintaining motivation. Supporting your team at tournaments, games, races, etc. can also be a great way to increase engagement. Hand out noisemakers like cowbells or bam-bams to get your crowd going!
7. Safety
Providing employees with branded tools or health products that fall in line with your company’s Health & Safety policy is a great way to ensure all workers follow the rules and are safe while on the job.
8. Eco-friendly
Giving away economically friendly and sustainable products is a great way to decrease your organizations carbon footprint and show workers you don’t just care about them – you care about the planet as well!

HRPA 2018 was a great opportunity to showcase the endless possibilities for custom branding within a workplace, no matter how diverse an organization’s culture or demographic. One thing we know for sure is that a cohesive brand identity is a great way to maintain happy and positive employees, which is why HR Professionals look no further than Score Promotions to provide solutions for all their needs.

5 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release


A press release is an essential element of every public relations strategy. They are used to inform its viewer about what’s new in the organization, such as; product launches, events, partnerships or any other news that needs to be shared with the world. Although the concept is pretty simple, getting it right certainly is not.

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One great example of a failed customer experience, that was salvaged by unconditional loyalty; ITunes had accidentally released a song by Taylor called “Track 3” which consisted of 8 seconds of static noise for $1.29, which was download by her millions of devoted fans without even listening to it and the song climbed the ladder to become the number one song on ITunes in October 2014. More importantly, Taylor Swift received little-to-no criticism for this accident.


Things You Didn’t Know About Laser Engraving


Laser Engraving is one of the most popular and widely used methods of decoration in the promotional merchandise industry.  It’s also one of the most mysterious, responsible for a lot of misconceptions about how it works and what it does.  As a former laser operator with nine years of experience under my belt, I’m here to clear the air about the laser engraving process.  It’s a lot more straightforward than you might think!


Prepare for the Outdoors with Branded Merchandise

branded merchandise

The summer season is now in full swing, and that means that thousands of families across the country will be partaking in camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. Whether you’ve decided to stay at the cottage or rough it in the wilderness, we’ve got some great branded merchandise that are cool, functional, and might just strike up a conversation or two!


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A few weeks ago, we showed you some of our best water bottles for the summer season that will help you in staying hydrated. Now we’re taking it a step further by showcasing some of our collapsible water bottles that are big on convenience! It’s never been easier to take your drink with you on the go, and find a place to pack your bottle once you’re done.


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The infographic below illustrates some popular promotional products that are used most favourably by Canadians.


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