How Using Incentives Boosts Productivity In The Workplace?

If you have found that your employees are not working as effectively as you would like, then it is time to show them a little appreciation. This can be easily done with incentives such as bonuses, gifts, and extra time off from work. You do not have to spend a lot of your company earnings to increase the morale of your staff. Also, happy staff is always more productive than an unhappy one.


There are many great incentive options, such as custom golf balls or personalized golf balls that any sports enthusiasts will love. Another great option is custom logo golf balls with your company logo for all to see. This incentive is a win-win option for you as well as your employees because it is basically free advertisement on behalf of your company. It is understandable that not every employee is a lover of golf; therefore, ensure that you present incentives that will entice your entire staff.

A paid day off of work increased flexibility, and better communication is always a great way to win your staff over. You will find that every employee will work hard, especially if there is a paid day off of work up for grabs. There has never been an easier way to help your employees smile and work more efficiently than with a rewarding opportunity. You can effortlessly eliminate employees calling in sick, showing up late to work, or not wanting to stay over their shift by simply giving them something extra to work towards.

A great bonus around the holidays is always a sure way to amp your employees up for the busiest time of year. You may want to consider holding a company raffle or a friendly competition among your staff. Plan the prize in such a way that everyone feels like working hard to win, such as a gift card or a small vacation getaway. At the same time, you also have to ensure everyone walks away as a winner, so you may consider giving custom logo golf balls to the entire staff. You will notice with just a little reward and recognition your staff will work more efficiently, and you will see productivity increase.

If you love playing golf and want to share it with your staff, then consider hosting a golf tournament that allows every employee to take a swing at a custom logo golf ball. You will find that with a friendly round of golf, your entire team is refreshed, empowered, and ready to face the challenges that work often presents. If you really want to surprise them, then consider passing out personalized golf balls before you start the tournament. Even the employees that have no interest in the game will surely have an experience that is not easily forgotten.

Do not look at the concept that you are wasting profits when you offer incentives to your employees. After all, they are the driving force that keeps your company functioning. If your staff is not happy, then you will certainly know it simply by evaluating the productivity in your workplace. You will be surprised at how quickly they will change their work ethic when you give them a reason to. If you take a look at performance, attendance, and quality of work when you offer incentives, then you will see many employees are simply burnt out, but this should not stop you fro rewarding them.


It is a great business practice to host a company event such as a picnic on an annual basis. This gives your employees something to look forward to, and essentially they feel like they are a part of a family or team. Make sure you check around the office and see who has an interest in golf; because if you give everyone custom logo golf balls, then your entire staff might feel motivated and encouraged. Whereas some of your employees would greatly appreciate personalized golf balls, others may feel as if you are not genuine.

A no-fail gift is always a gift card or prepaid credit card. Just remember to speak with your employees about what it is that truly interests them. You may be surprised to find out that quite a few of your employees play golf regularly, and they would really appreciate the chance to own custom golf balls. Whereas, other employees may enjoy a day at the spa or just a little extra time off. Once you speak with your staff, and remember to be discreet in regards to your questions, you will understand what your staff is willing to work for. This will help you learn a little more about each one of your employees, and it will make it far easier to choose incentives that will boost productivity all across the board.

There is no reason to watch productivity plummet while your profits dwindle; especially when all you need to do is show your staff how much you appreciate their efforts. Many employers have made the mistake of letting their employees know they are a dime a dozen. A word of caution, this is not a good way to get your employees pumped up to work harder. The only thing scare tactics have ever done in the workplace is to give employees a reason to work even less than they were before. You may even find that your employees are far more willing to take up something without permission if you are not an appreciative boss.

To ensure this is not the case in your place of business it is wise to offer a friendly demeanor, rewards, and incentives that will push your employees to do better. It has always been said you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and the saying undoubtedly applies to your workplace. If your employees feel like they are being overworked, underpaid, and get no appreciation, then you are certainly setting yourself up for business problems.

If you are stressed, overworked, and short tempered, then it may be wise to take some time off of work and allow someone else to focus on the office while you rest. Once you return refreshed and rested you can focus on building up the morale of your office. When you effectively move from the relationship between boss and employee, you will find that everyone is far less stressed. Just remember we are all human, and appreciation goes a long way. To ensure your staff continues gives the best performance all throughout the year, it is important to remember to offer incentives that will entice your entire team.

You may even want to hold an official meeting once or twice a month to discuss performance. This is a great opportunity to find out how your employees feel and an even better time to show them that you care. If you hold the meeting during lunch, then provide them with a catered meal; the same understanding applies to a meeting that is held after hours. You may also want to pass out custom coffee mugs with your company logo as a small token of your appreciation. 

Other great gift ideas that will not cost you a lot are company keychains, flashlights, custom golf balls, or koozies. This is another win-win opportunity for you as the business owner. While your employees appreciate the gift you have given, you will get the added benefit of free advertisement. However, do not always opt to give rewards with your company logo on them. Also, make sure the rewards you offer are not something you offer to your customers as freebies. This will help your employees feel special and ensure your efforts do not go unnoticed.


There has rarely been an angry employee in the office when rewards, incentives, and bonuses are offered. If you are an attentive boss who is willing to show his/her employees that they did a commendable work, then you will find that your employees will definitely give you a return gift in form of increased productivity and profits. You may not hear that you are the best boss they have ever had, but you will see better productivity, team efforts, and a willingness that was not present when they felt unappreciated.

It is important to remember that you are the team leader in the office, and it is just as important to remind everyone on your team that they are needed, appreciated, and that you genuinely care about them. If you are willing to give them a reason to work harder, then it will come as no surprise when they are willing to work harder without you pressing them to do so. The easiest way to keep up the morale and productivity in your place of business is to treat every employee with dignity, respect, and understanding. It does not matter what their title is because it takes the entire team to work efficiently all year long.

Consider what your office would look like without the help of the cleaning staff or maintenance team. Therefore, it is pertinent to consider every employee when you offer incentives for the team. To ensure that you are familiar with everyone’s interests, it is important to take a little time to get to know each staff member on a personal level. After all, most employees spend more time at work than they do at home with their family and friends.

How SWAG Can Improve A Firm’s Employee Retention Rate

Employee retention can be a large issue for many companies, although it’s not something they are ever prepared for. As a result, the majority of businesses do not have a plan for improving their retention rate. While a certain number of employees leaving over time is natural, but sometimes, the firm develop a poor retention rate. There are a variety of factors that can lead to this. At the same time, there are a few ways that you can avoid this.

One of the most notable methods is to give them free SWAG, such as cheap custom shirts and other merchandise. You should be able to find cheap t shirts online, with many of these being branded and designed based on your needs. However, many entrepreneurs may not know how this SWAG can help them improve and maintain their employee retention rate. While you shouldn’t boast that you purchased custom t shirts cheap, you could focus on a variety of things to help see a variety of benefits with them.

Much of this will be focused on improving an employee’s morale, which is one of the primary things that affect retention rates. Should your retention be too low, there can be a variety of ways that it can impact.

Some of the more notable factors in this will be that it can have a negative effect on a company’s turnover, which is driven by a few things. First, a business will lose productivity when they lose an employee, which means that they wouldn’t be able to generate sales or value for the firm. Until the position is filled, this factor will keep on increasing with each passing day. Alongside this is the fact that hiring and training a new employee will take a large amount of time and money. The majority of this will be seen in advertising the position and interviewing the candidates.

There can also be a much larger disruption of a business much more than many people would believe. Much of this can be seen in the overall operations of the company, which may suffer in quality and productivity. These could be felt from when an employee leaves, with much of this depending on how vital their role was. The reduction in performance and quality of service may be felt until a replacement is fully trained in the position.

Naturally, the majority of companies will want to avoid these problems, although they might not know how to. While cheap custom shirts might seem like a surprising choice, they can provide many more benefits that a firm can ever believe.

By doing so, you’ll ensure that they provide the maximum number of benefits for your company. Branding and a variety of other factors will play a role in this, although this will vary from company to company.

There are a few reasons why giving SWAG to employees can help improve your retention rate.

Making Them Feel Appreciated

While there are a variety of reasons why people leave a job, there are some that are more common. Some of these may be outside of an employer’s control, while others they may not be able to do, such as compete with another firm’s offer.

However, there are a few things that they can have some control over, such as how appreciated and happy their employees feel. There are quite a few things that can play a part in this, with acknowledgment of their work with being one of the most notable.

There are a variety of ways that this can be done, with SWAG and other merchandise being some of the most common. These can be given to employees for a variety of reasons, such as if they’ve been a best seller in the company, or if they’ve been promoted, among others.

Canadian Summer


Despite being relatively affordable and somewhat simple, giving an employee this merchandise for their efforts can have a much bigger impact than entrepreneurs might believe.

Some of this may be because it can be more of a symbolic gesture than anything else. Appreciation is something that everybody will want from their managers and bosses. By using this simple gesture, you’ll are able to show how much a person means to the company in a cost-effective manner.

Customizing the t shirts can also play a role in highlighting a person and the milestones that they’ve surpassed.

Company Culture

Company culture can play quite a significant role in how happy employees feel in their positions. The most apparent reason behind this is that everybody wants to work in a friendly environment rather than a negative one.

While being appreciated will play a certain part of this, it’s not the only factor in it. For example, many people may want to work in a company that encourages environmental-sustainability, which is something that many businesses aim for.

However, many efforts by companies that look to increase recycling in the workplace can often fall short. Instead of taking a traditional approach to encouraging this, employers can offer SWAG as a reward for doing so.

There are a few ways that this could be implemented company-wide. For example, offering free SWAG for the employees that recycle the most can be an effective way of increasing the activity.

Over EZ

By engaging in such activities, you can improve the company’s overall culture, with the majority of employees helping to push this forward. Doing so should ensure that there’s a company culture that many people will want to be a part of for quite a while.

As a result of this, a company’s employee retention rate should be much better than others. Not only will employees feel as though they’re involved in the company itself, but they’ll also believe that their contributions are making quite a significant effect on the overall workplace. As such, fewer employees will leave while you’ll be able to attract more people to the firm.

Encouraging Milestones

Employees will go through a variety of milestones over their career, which is something that’s often not highlighted when it occurs. While there are quite a variety of them to consider, there may be a few that stand out.

For example, some work anniversaries should be deserving of some kind of SWAG and recognition. Doing so could have a few benefits, many of which business owners may not have thought of.

While there are the obvious benefits of showing them the value of the work they do and that the company values this, there can be a few others. One that many people may not have thought of is that it could encourage others to work towards these milestones.

With anniversaries, for example, it will inspire employees who haven’t yet reached them to continue with the firm until they do and keep going forward. Much of this can also be seen in sales milestones and other performance-related activities.

Similar to anniversaries, giving your employees recognition and praise when they reach their goals can help inspire others to work toward these milestones. However, much of this will be seen in SWAG or other merchandise that your employees will want.


Coupled with the increased happiness and higher morale they should have, this will provide benefits for everyone involved.

There are a variety of other ways that cheap custom shirts can have an impact on your employee turnover rate, although the above are some of the more common. When you’re looking for cheap t shirts online, there will be several things that you should consider.

While price will be one of the most prominent, there are a few other things that you should look at, with quality being important. In many cases, you can get what you pay for, so you may need to pay a certain amount to ensure that you’re able to give your employees high-quality SWAG.

While the t shirts will undoubtedly have a large impact on morale, this may not be the case if the products are low-quality. As such, you should be prepared to pay slightly more than you may be expecting.

Alongside this, you should ensure that you purchase the right number of products for your needs. While you may only give out a certain amount of them at any given time, if you want to buy custom t shirts cheap, it can often be better to purchase large amounts.

By doing so, you should be able to get bulk prices, which should mean that you’ll be paying less per t shirt. As a result, they can be a much more cost-effective way of improving employee retention rates. 

The Importance of Holiday Gifting & Packaging

With the holiday season approaching, it is time to start making plans for holiday gifts 2019. In the marketing industry, holiday gifting is the perfect opportunity to remind your clients who you are and what you can provide their business. Holiday gifts are meant to be a token of your appreciation for your client’s business while exposing them to great and innovative new products. Holiday gifts strengthen business relationships, help create customer loyalty, and bring happiness to clients. Holiday gifts are meant to create a positive and meaningful impact for your clients, so they are reminded of your company in a positive light.

1 (2)
When it comes to the holidays, another factor that is essential to have mastered is the packaging itself. One of the main purposes of packaging is marketing. Packaging can be customized however we like to cause the most impact. Colour, shape, patterns, and logo can all be customized to make holiday gifting even better. Packaging should have a captivating factor, while still representing your company. The packaging must be practical and be able to protect your holiday gift while still adding a wow factor that will leave your clients excited for anything your business may offer.

Holiday gifts and packaging come hand in hand. Packaging is the first thing a client is going to see when they receive the package. That is why packaging can be so important. Packaging helps you make a first impression about your company and who your company is. Holiday gifting is what can help us build new relationships, strengthen current relationships, and build customer loyalty. It is also good to do holiday gifting to send a thank you message to your clients or keep them updated with the latest news about your business.

It is important to pick the right holiday gifts for your clients. Gifts should be thoughtful, useful, and innovative. Knowing your clients is essential when deciding on what holiday gifts to provide. Knowing their interests and businesses will help you pick gifts that clients are going to love and use often. Another factor that is good to keep in mind while looking is the trends in the market. You will often be able to find great holiday gifts in these trends. What products are being sold the most, looked at the most, and the latest innovative items everyone is talking about. This will show your clients that you are up to date with all the trends and new products.


These are a few ways packaging and holiday gifting are so essential in the marketing industry. It is the best opportunity to give our clients one last thank you at the end of the year. Start preparing for holiday gifting season 2019 and give your clients the perfect gift they didn’t know they needed along with packaging that is going to wow them.

PPAI Canadian Promotional Product Trends Report

In 2019, PPAI conducted a research study with the purpose of better understanding the connection with promotional products in three areas: mindset, motive and meaning. The survey consisted of a total of 3000 people, 500 of which were Canadians. They were between the ages of 18 to 73 years of age and must have received one or more promotional items in the past year. There were many trends that stand out that could help improve our business and promotional techniques.

PPAI Report Graphic 1

Infographic courtesy of PPAI

One interesting fact found in the survey conducted by PPAI was that most consumers like receive apparel promotional items the most. 84% of the people surveyed confirmed that they have received some type of apparel item in their lifetime. Also, about 60% of the people that took part of the survey said that they would look up a new business who had gifted them an item. They research these companies through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google. This is crucial information for anyone in the industry. Promotional products create awareness about your business. It will help your company grow your following, obtain more web page visits, and overall create more business since more potential customers are learning about you.

Another interesting fact found was that about 75% of the people surveyed are likely to switch to a new company if they really enjoyed the promotional product they received. This is due to the fact that 7 in 10 people use the product they received to decide how they feel about the company overall. That is why it is essential to gift good quality, innovative, and useful items. This way consumers will have a positive first impression of your business and most likely return to become one of your clients.



The survey also showed that promotional marketing is often preferred over other types of marketing. It was determined that 74% of consumers would rather receive a promotional product than watch an ad on TV, 72% would rather receive a promotional product than listen to an on the radio, and 76% would rather receive a promotional product than receive an email. This shows how effective promotional marketing can be over different types of marketing. Consumers should not be annoyed and pressured by countless ads but rather enjoy a product they will use often.


The survey showed how not to approach consumers and distribute your promotional products. Most of the people surveyed said they would rather receive an email informing them about the giveaway. Other popular forms were receiving something about it in the mail, seeing a TV commercial, or receiving a text message. Also, the giveaways should be easy to access to the consumer. 55% of those surveyed would not wait in a line for over an hour to receive a promotional product. Also, 60% of people would not travel further than 50 miles to collect a promotional product. Therefore, making it a hassle-free delivery is the ideal for your promotional products.
In the promotional marketing industry, it is essential to stay up to date with trends and know what our consumers prefer the most. That is why the information provided by the PPAI survey research is so important. It can help us make changes to our marketing strategy. We can make improvements that will benefit both our business and our clients. We can provide clients with more of what they’d rather receive and how.

Find the Best Fall Promotional Products at Score!

Summer is coming to an end and fall is fast approaching. Even though it is sad to see summer go, there is also a lot of positives. Fall is time to start doing and planning some of your favourite activities of the season. That is why Score is here to help you get ready for all the fun activities coming your way this fall. Some fun fall activities include apple picking, nature hikes to see the fall leaves, pumpkin picking, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football season, and much more. Score has many promotional products to make this fall season the best one yet.

Rylie Loft Jacquard Throw (50×70)

The fall season can be a little cold. Stay warm this fall season with this heavy 880gsm woven throw. Bring it with you on your fall season outings and be ready for any chilly weather that may come your way. Laser patch can be placed to customize the throw and promote your company all season long.

Town Plaid Scarf

Fall season equals bringing back our favourite fall accessories. Be in style this fall season with the Town Plaid Scarf. It comes in 3 classic plaid designs; this scarf is perfect for any fall outfit. Made of 100% super-soft Acrylic, so soft it has a cashmere-like feel. Embroidery and laser patch are available for personalization.

Pumpkin Seed Packet

Halloween is one of the best parts about the fall season. Grow your own pumpkins this Halloween with this pumpkin seed packet. It is a great and fun activity for anyone to do. Your logo can be placed at the front of the card that is included to promote your business in a fun and innovative way. There are 3 different styles of cards available. This is also a fantastic eco-friendly product since each packet features a plant-based, compostable cello bag and full color 3×4 recycled card-stock backer card.


Wonderful Fall Sweet Tower

Perfect set to celebrate the coming of this fall season. Each box includes Godiva dark chocolate caramels, sweet chocolate chip and ginger cookies, milk chocolate-covered cashews, milk chocolate dipped pretzels and milk and dark chocolate-covered sandwich cookies. This is a perfect gift for friends, clients, family, and employees.


Thanksgiving Seed Paper Shape Greeting Card

Give your greeting cards this season and eco-friendly twist with these seed paper greeting cards. This card is decorated with a plantable seed paper embedded with a pollinator-friendly mix of seeds and your logo can be printed in full-color on the cardstock. Each seed paper shape is handmade from 100% post-industrial recycled paper. All you must do is plant, water and watch your flowers grow. Envelope included.


As you can see Score has the perfect items for any activity or event you may have. From a chill day watching football with friends to Thanksgiving dinner with family, Score has everything you’ll need. Even though it is sad we are saying goodbye to the summer we can see above that there are still many things to look forward to in the fall. Fall is a season full of fun activities and holidays. These are just a few fall season swag items Score has to offer.

The Canadian Meetings & Events Expo 2019

Score Promotions had a great time at The Canadian Meetings & Events Expo this August. The CMEE began in 1991 as the Canadian Incentive Travel Symposium. Today, the CMEE includes over 350 exhibitors, represents over 700 companies, and provides world class education for over 2,000 planners. It takes place every August in downtown Toronto. The CMEE is the perfect event to attend to gain knowledge about the industry. It is also a great opportunity to meet new suppliers and obtain new ideas for any upcoming events in your business. You will meet incredible people and make beneficial connections.


At Score, we look forward to the CMEE every year for many reasons. The CMEE is a great opportunity for us to speak with our current clients and suppliers. We can keep them updated on the latest promotional items and explain to them how promotional marketing can help their company further.  The CMEE truly allows us to build stronger relationships with our clients.


The CMEE also allows us to learn more about other businesses as well. We can get to know about a variety of different companies. We can discuss how we can help one another in the industry. This is how we build connections with new possible clients. The CMEE gives us an opportunity to show case what we can offer and our company values as well.


Score Promotions always works hard in preparation for the CMEE. We take this great opportunity to really demonstrate what our company is about. Our booth was designed to be a promotional marketing pop-up shop to allow everyone at the show to walk around freely around our booth. This gave everyone the chance to look at all the innovative items that were picked out for the show.


We also brought along many giveaways. One of the giveaways was a Woodchuck key chain. Sustainability is very important at Score Promotions which is why we chose this giveaway. For every key chain purchased, Woodchuck plants a tree in its place. Every key chain comes with their own code that you can input on their site to find the exact location of the tree that was planted in its honour. Some other great giveaways included pens, chap sticks, cold/heat pack, and even some delicious granola bars.

The CMEE allowed us to speak with and get to know more about great companies. Some of the exhibitors included Air Canada, RBC, TD, Canada’s Wonderland, Hilton, Ottawa Tourism, and many more. It was great speaking to former clients and getting to new possible new clients as well. The CMEE is the place to be to learn about different companies in the industry.

Although the Canadian Meeting & Events Expo is over, Score continues to benefit from everything we learned this year. Join us August 18th and 19th 2020 to experience this great event. Have fun while learning a lot about the industry. At Score, we are already looking forward to the CMEE 2020.

School is in Session

School season is back and of course Score is here to help. No matter what grade you are in, Score has something to make this school year the best one yet. Below is just a small list of items that were designed to make a student’s life a little easier and better.

Hollowed Laptop Desk Tray

Often, we find ourselves doing most of our schoolwork from the comfort of our own bed. It can become a little difficult to keep all your supplies in order or find a comfortable place for your laptop. That is why this laptop desk tray is the perfect item for any student. It is a tilting, folding, stable, very high quality and easy to store tray that is made of eco-friendly bamboo. Be comfortable while doing all your schoolwork this year with this innovative laptop desk tray.


Appeel Medio Weekly/Notes

Staying organized and managing time can be a little difficult during the busy school year. Keeping track of assignments, tests, and other commitments can be made easier when you have it all in one place to look at. That is why the Appeel planner is the ideal product for any student. Have your 12-month calendar at your fingertips with all the dates you are going to need to remember. There is also plenty of space to write down any important notes as well. The notebook pages and cover are eco-friendly since they are made of apple peels.


Zen on the Go

School can be stressful at times and that it is why it is so important for students to find ways to stay relaxed. Relaxation is very important in order to be successful in school. Stress is sometimes unavoidable but how we choose to take care of it is important. That is why this Zen on the go diffuser is the ideal item for any student. It has been proven that essential oils can help us relax. It is a portable and convenient diffuser to use wherever and whenever you may need. Useful for when you’re studying.


Charlie Backpack of Snacks

Students often find themselves snacking to get through this long classes and study sessions. That is why the Charlie Backpack of Snacks is the perfect item to have with you this school year. The bag comes equipped with countless amounts of snacks that everyone will love. The snacks are cinnamon apple chips, dark chocolate covered almonds, berry nut mix, raspberry honey mustard dip with pretzel twists, caramel popcorn, almond cookies, truffles, pistachios, cheddar cheese straws and shortbread cookies. Whenever you do end up finishing all these delicious snacks you are still left with a spacious bag to fit all your school supplies.


Tidy Techer

Students often find it hard to stay organized due to their busy schedules. That is why the Tidy Techer is the perfect item for any student to have. The pouch is zippered all around the outside with another zippered sleeve on the inside. It also includes a side with elastic straps. It has been made padded to protect all your tech items. Keep all your important items safe and in one place. Never misplace one of your items again with.


The school year can be hard and stressful but there are a lot of products at Score to help you out. That is why we have made a list of some of our favourite items that will benefit students. From kindergarten to college we have something for you. The items above will help you keep organized, reduce stress, and help you get your work done easier. Enjoy this school year with Score!

The Best Products to Have With you this Long Weekend

Long weekends are made to have fun with family and friends. Labour day is approaching, and the long weekend plans are beginning. Whether your plans are to stay in or go away this list will have something for you. Time off to relax is always great but Score can make it even better. At Score, we have many products that will make your long weekends even more memorable. Discover new products you’ll love and want to bring with you every long weekend. Make this Labour Day the best one yet with Score!


We always want our phones near by and kept safe. That is why the waterproof pouch for your phone is the perfect item for your long weekend. Always keep your phone near by thanks to the lanyard that is included and that can also be removed. This item helps protect your phone from water damage and from scratches. Perfect for any outing. Have your phone near by for any picture-perfect moment this long weekend.



This innovative new product is the perfect item to bring with you on any one of your trips. It has over 7 useful functions. It’s a spork – spoon and fork in one, phone holder, has wrenches – 6 different sizes, screwdriver, a serrated edge, bottle opener, and a carabiner to clip onto your backpack straps or on your key chain. Perfect to bring on long weekend camping trips, beach days, picnics, etc.



This power bank is the ideal item to keep by your side this long weekend. It is small and practical but it’s sound can be great for a long weekend party, camping trip, a relaxing day by the pool, etc. It has a wireless capability of 33 feet. It also includes a hands-free microphone to allow you to take phone calls. Includes a wrist strap that can loop around bikes, backpacks, etc. Up to 5 hours of audio playtime.



If you are going away for the long weekend, this is the perfect new bag for you! It is water repellent and comes with an extra-large interior made to fit everything you’ll need for your trip. There is also a padded sleeve to keep your laptop safe. The backpacks front pocket is an insulated cooler pocket. Includes side pockets for water bottles and padded shoulder straps for comfort. Two adjustable bottom straps for yoga mats, skateboards, etc. These are just a few of the main features this practical backpack has for your next adventure.

OR1213_Heathered Grey_Large


This multipurpose item will be your new essential for any one of your trips. If you press the button on top it becomes a flashlight. If you twist the top your previews flashlight turns into a lantern. There is also a bottle opener included at the bottom. The outside tube is made to light up matches. Perfect for camping!


These are just a few of the products that Score has to offer to make your long weekends even better. We have items to improve any long weekend activity. With the list above you’ll be all set for your long weekend. Don’t worry about any last-minute items with Score, we’ll help you find all the items you’ll need. Have a fantastic Labour Day!

The Best Desk Accessories to Keep you Organized

At Score, we have a large selection of items that will help keep you organized. Some of these items consist of desk accessories. Desk accessories are a fantastic way to keep organized on a busy workday. You’ll be able to grab anything you’ll need and always know where it is. Organization is key for success and that is why Score has put together this list of items. They are all beneficial to your workday. They are innovative items that you will always want to keep with you in the office.

Desk Accessories Gift Set

This desk accessories gift set is the ideal set to have at any desk. It includes some of the essentials you’ll most likely be using everyday at work. This is a set that comes in many fun colours, so your desk looks in style and organized at the same time. Some of the colors available are orange, pink, purple, blue, and many more. The set includes a stapler, tape dispenser, pen holder (3 pens included), and a desk organizer tray. All the items in the set can be imprinted making a fantastic promotional product your clients and employees will love and use everyday.


Desk Accessory Box

Ever had any items you kept on your desk that you wish you could keep organized in one spot? Then this is the perfect promotional item to keep at your desk. Fill it with anything you know you’ll need throughout the day and keep it organized. You’ll always have all your favourite workday items at your fingertips. It also includes a frame on the front for you to add a picture of anything you’d like to look at to keep you motivated on your workday. Black and white stitching can be completed at the front of the box.

DA3522_Black with White stitching_Large


Always be ready for any note taking, write a straight line, or book mark a page with this sticky note ruler. It includes 300 sticky notes in 2 sizes for; a larger one for notes and smaller ones for bookmarks. It also includes a ruler.


Glass Business Card Holder

Business cards are always a great product to keep near you. Keep them organized on your desk, ready for you to share anytime with this glass business card holder.


Earth Stress Reliever Desktop Bin

Stress balls are a great way to relax from the comfort of your own desk. This innovative stress ball does not have just one function. You can also use it to keep your desk organized. Items can be placed at the top of the stress ball for extra storage on your desk.


Executive Desk Lamp with Multi-Function Display

This innovative desk lamp comes with many features to benefit you. The desk lamp does not only offer a wide-angle illumination. This lamp can also be used as an alarm, clock, and you can also check the weather. Stay organized and up to date throughout your day with this great promotional product.




A big part of success is staying organized to be able to get all your tasks done on time. By staying organized your work life will be much easier. All the products above were made to benefit your day so you can feel more at ease and confident in your work. Keep organized during your busy work day with Score!



Get Ready for Back to School with Score

Back to school is an exciting time of the year. It is never too early to start preparing for the new school year. Skip the long lines and stress by getting ready for school right now with Score. We have everything you’ll need for elementary school, high school, and college. Score has put together this list of innovative products that will benefit you in your learning and organization. You’ll be set for success with this list of products. From the basics to products you did not think you needed before. These products will become your every year school essentials.

The Viva La Vie Water Bottle

Having a good water bottle that will keep your drinks cool or hot on your long school days is a back to school essential. The Viva La Vie Water Bottle is made up of durable stainless steel, keeping your drinks cool for up to 12 hours and hot up to 6 hours. BPA Free detachable parts for easy cleaning. It is also 100% leak proof, so nothing ever spills in your backpack.

Blue water bottle

Stay Fit 8-Can Lunch Cooler Gift Set

The Stay Fit 8-Can Lunch Cooler Gift Set features an open main compartment with a hook and loop flap closure and a top carry handle. It also includes a front pocket, a beverage shaker (16oz.) and a salad/food container (27oz). This is the perfect lunch cooler gift set to bring to school with you and have anything you’ll need for lunch time.

lunch bag


Angle 15″ Computer Briefcase

Zippered main compartment includes a padded laptop sleeve. Holds most 15″ laptops. Hook and loop front pocket with organization panel. Pen loop and side mesh pocket. Adjustable shoulder strap and two carry handles. Perfect to fit anything you’ll need for your busy school day and keep your laptop safe.

laptop bag

Prestige Business Brief

Keep all your school supplies organized in this classic koskin material business brief. It includes pen/pencil, calculator pockets and burnished metal key clip. Use it as a side bag or use the hideaway padded back straps to convert the brief into a knapsack. This is a perfect brief to use in the school year.

brief case

Pencil Case with Markers

This pencil case with 4 markers (green, yellow, red and blue). Includes a non-woven pencil case for coloring. Pencil cases are great to keep everything you’ll need for school all in one place. Make this one your own by personalizing it to your style with the markers that are included.

Pencil case

Refillable Portfolio/3-Ring Binder

This vinyl 1″ 3-ring binder comes with a plastic window for you ID or to use as a card holder, a pen loop (pen not included) and brown felt lining. It also includes a refillable 3-hole punched 8 3/8″ x 10 3/4″ notepad containing 50 white lined, perforated sheets. Perfect for all the note taking in all of yours classes this upcoming school year.


Cynthia Highlighter 3-IN-1 Ballpoint Pen

Be ready for all your note taking with this innovative pen. It is available in multiple fun colours. A highlighter is included on one the ends to highlight any important notes you may have this school year. The pen also comes equipped with a plastic ballpoint.



At Score we have the most innovative products for any occasion. That is why we have put together this list of promotional swag that can be used for back to school. Whether you are going to elementary school, high school, or college, many things on this list are perfect for you. Having good supplies will help you succeed in your learning. Therefore, let Score help you with your back to school shopping this year and help you discover products you’ll love.