5 Gifts That Help to Improve Your Brand Recall Value

Gifting is an art. Choosing the right gift will allow you to grab the mindshare of your clients. With the holiday season fast approaching, it is important to choose the right gifts for your clients. This will not only help in attracting their attention but also make you stand apart from the competitors. 

Not paying enough attention to your choice of gifts will ruin your reputation. Your gift should be thoughtful and must portray your relation with the client.

Generic is the wrong choice while gifting. Sending generic gifts such as pens, candles, etc. will lower your brand value as the clients do not need them. Rather you should invest time to choose personalized gifts that instantly make a connection with the client and shows them that you care. 


Before we know about the top 5 gifting choices, let us discuss some tips to choose the right gifts. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right client gifts that compel your clients, partners, prospective clients to remember your brand.

  • Personalize

The first rule for effective gifting is to personalize. Always send personalized gifts that are useful to the client or add value to their collection. For example, if your client is a fitness enthusiast, you can gift a personal fitness kit from our fitness collection. Customized gifts help to create an instant connect with the client, stay on top of their mind and compel them to think of you whenever they use the gift or look at it. This will help you to improve your brand recall value and increase your revenue. Sending customized gifts will let the client know that you have invested time to learn about them and made the right choice of gift to suit their personality. 

  • Make a Budget

The gift should be proportional to the business the client’s company offers to you. Overdoing a gifting budget can be a disaster. For example, if your client gives you a business of $1000 in a year, choose a gift that is proportional to the business. The gift should not be too insignificant nor be too magnanimous. You can order client gifts from our extensive range of products in different price brackets. You can also benefit from our promotional offers and keep your gifting budget in check.

  • Choose Important Occasions for Gifting

It is not necessary to gift your clients only during the holiday season. You can choose other important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other important days of significance to the client. By choosing other dates apart from the holidays, you can stand apart from the competitors and occupy the mindshare of your clients. Send branded gifts decorative items etc. as tokens of appreciation to the client throughout the year. Your clients will not only appreciate the gesture but also remember you whenever the need arises. Moreover, you can avoid being one among the crowd during the holiday season. For example, you can send a gift on the birthday of the client or on the date of his association with your company and so on.  

  • Packing is Important Too

Gifting is not just about choosing the right gift article; it also includes the way you present it. You should choose the right packing material that complements the gift inside. There are many options when it comes to gift packing materials such as baskets for gifts, different types of gift bags and other packing materials. Our graphic designers and printers use state-of-the-art technology to design and print your brand name and logo on the gift products. 

  • Think from the Receiver’s Side

The right way to ensure that you choose the right gift is to put yourself in the receiver’s shoes. Think that you are one of the receivers of the gift and assess your reaction to the gift. Will you like the gift or feel it is too generic and boring? Would you use the gift or pass it to others? Does the gift remind you of the person or company sending it? Answering these questions will make the process of selecting the gift easier. Do not select gifts that you do not like, in the first place. 

  • Choose Gifts According to The Theme

While choosing gifts, it is important to keep the theme of the occasion in mind. For example, if you are giving gifts during a corporate event, choose gifts that match the theme of the event. On the other hand, if you are gifting to improve your brand awareness and recall value, choose gifts that convey the motto of your company or persuade the clients to use your products. 

  • Consider Cultural Differences


When you are buying gifts for clients based in other countries or regions, it is advisable to educate yourself about the gifting culture of that country. For example, you should not wrap gifts in white while gifting your Chinese clients because white is associated with death in China. Choose gifts that go well with the gifting traditions of your client’s country. 

  • Never Buy Gifts from Unknown Sources

Always choose a credible source to buy your corporate gifts. Your corporate gift is an important aspect that affects your brand value. You must choose high-quality products that are functional as well as economical. Choose reputed companies like Score promotions that offer a wide range of gift products at unbelievable prices. We also have promotional offers and discounts for bulk purchases. 

Now that we know how to make gifts special and interesting let us have a look at the top 5 gifting choices that will help you stay at the top of your client’s mind.

  • Health and Fitness Equipment

Impress your health-conscious clients by gifting personalized health and fitness equipment. You can choose anything from stress relievers in different shapes, fitness equipment, first-aid kits, pedometers, etc. If you want your clients to remember you during their leisure time or my time, choosing fitness equipment is the right choice. They will think of you whenever they use fitness equipment. It also helps you to portray the message that you care about their health. We offer a wide variety of health and fitness products across different budget brackets to suit your company’s gifting budget. Our range of health and fitness products are of high quality and from trusted brands. 

  • Golf and Sports Equipment

Golf and sports equipment are the right choices of the gift, to strike a chord with sports enthusiast clients. You can choose golf bags, golf balls, wristbands, umbrellas, Lanyards, chairs, Umbrellas, wristbands and megaphones. Gifting golf accessories and sports equipment with your brand name will add to the collection of the clients and compel them to think of your brand whenever they see it. Moreover, it helps you to differentiate your brand from competitors as it is a unique choice for gifting.

  • Bags and Totes

Bags that carry your brand logo or brand name are an excellent gifting choice for your clients across different demographics — shopping totes, conference bags, backpacks, duffle bags, gym bags, etc. There is a wide variety of bags for gifting. Choose a trendy tote, cosmetics pouch or toiletry bag for your female clients. You can also choose lunch bags, cooler bags or gym bags for young clients, or choose laptop bags as a useful and creative gift option.  

  • Drinkware

With the latest trend of carrying water bottles to avoid single-use plastics, gifting water bottles is a wise choice. You can spread awareness about environment conservation and also promote your brand at the same time. You can choose branded water bottles, tumblers, mugs, water bags etc. We have a wide variety of drinkware from beverage holders and stack cups to thermos and wine accessories. Our specialist printers and graphic designers will print your brand name, logo or message in the best quality and personalize the gifts to suit your clients. 

  • Stationary

Stationary is the best and the most popular gifting choice for many businesses. Stationary is one item that everyone needs on a day-to-day basis. Gifting high-quality stationary with your brand name helps to improve the mindshare of your brand with the client. Not only the client but his employees will also use stationary and it helps to improve your brand awareness and recognition. You can choose from a wide variety of stationery articles across different cost ranges on score promotions. We also have attractive promotional offers on stationery items such as document holders, business card holders, sticky books, note pads etc. 


Apart from these options, you can choose baskets for gifts that contain chocolates and other snack items, branded gifts decorative articles, apparel and accessories, picnic accessories, computer and laptop accessories, office supplies etc. depending upon your client choices, occasion and your budget. 

Corporate gifting is a challenging task. You have to select gifts that are unique and useful to the client. The choice of gift is important as it signifies the relation between your company and the client. It is always advisable to stay away from generic gifts and opt for personalized gifts that make the client feel special. Choose client gifts that improve your brand recognition and recall value. Choose a reputed dealer for your gifting needs as the quality of the branded gifts is of utmost importance.   


We all must agree to the fact that marketing changes the face and fate of a product. It is effective marketing that helps in the sales of any product created or manufactured by any company. It can just be powdered milk, or a company offering branded gifts, but the sales of this milk and gifts depend upon how the promotion takes place. Product promotion is also a type of marketing in which we make the maximum use of communication. We also use different mediums to bring about education and awareness of the product we want to sell. Promotions create interest and awareness of the brand or product, and the increased interest results in people buying that product more and more. 

How do promotions help with sales?

Promotional plan if carefully laid down, helps a lot in the increased sales of the product. We aim to target the specific audience and make them buy our product. We achieve the aims of products in different ways. Since we want to create awareness, bring interest, and recruit the buyers from them, we might need more than one ways of promotion. 

We can use traditional media for promotion. For example, newspapers, banners, and billboards can be used for promotion. One can also use social media, television, and other forms of digital media can be used to promote products and packages.

One unique form of brand promotion is personal marketing. A physical environment is created to do the promotions of the products. We can arrange concerts, game shows, festivals and travels to keep promoting the products we want to sell. Also, some brands prefer to bring about promotional events in the malls and departmental stores where the target audience’s attention is gained. This is a very interesting way of promotions, and the audience finds it more enjoyable too. 

Promotional products and their ability to reach the maximum audience

Promotional products are little objects and products that are used for the sales of the actual product. For example, decorative baskets or gifts featuring brand logo. This basket might contain chocolates and drinks with the brand logo. This way of promotional merchandise is quite popular and has proved to be one of the most important and effective ways of brand promotion. 


We simply add the logo or slogan of the brand and distribute these products with same brand logo. Sometimes, water bottles are used with the brand logo and distributed. People who get these bottles look at the brand whose promotions are going on, and interested individuals approach the brand for what they want. This ultimately proves to be in favor of the promotional brand in terms of sales. Some freebies are given, and this little investment turns out to be profitable for the brands.

 History of promotional products

Let us open some pages of history and know-how did this promotional merchandise evolved into the shape we are looking at. You will be amazed to know that promotional products are as old as the 18th century. It was 1789 when some dedicatory buttons were used in the election campaign for George Washington. Later in the 19th century, some promotional rulers, wooden objects, and calendars were used for the same purpose. 

If we talk about the founder of the promotional merchandise, Jasper Meek is the name that would come into mind. He was a printer by profession and worked in Ohio, United States. The first promotional object he introduced was the school bag and other school supplies on which the logo of the local shoe store was imprinted. Soon after, Henry Beach sold bags, card cases, fans, aprons, and clothes with imprinted logos, and they were used as promotional objects. 

The first trade association was founded in 1904 by a dozen manufacturers of promotional objects. Since then, the industry is more organized and making advancements with every passing day. Today, PPAI or promotional products association international has more than ten thousand active members from around the world.

There are several distributors of promotional products these days which have plenty of ideas and products for the brands present in any corner of the world. The industry has flourished to a great extent, and now, the competition is quite tough. Every distributor has now a separate website for the display of range it has as promotional products. It sometimes gets hard to decide the best among them.

Facts and figures about promotional products 

So far, we have learned that promotional merchandise is a huge industry in today’s time. But one must stop and think whether the promotional products give a boost to your business or not?? Well, for this, we have to open some statistic data to make the idea clear.

According to data, product marketing does engage several audiences and brings about more sales as a result. Digital marketing is considered to be most effective in any promotional campaign. According to the statistical data, almost 67% of the people using social media are almost always attracted to promotional campaigns.

But promotional merchandise is not less than the media marketing. It has also increased the sales of the products at an exponential level. Statistics is different in different countries.

Stats from the United States

For example, in the United States, almost 24 billion dollars is the total revenue from the mere promotional products up till 2017. This means that the industry is growing at a rate of 2.5 percent since 2012 in the United States. This has employed almost four lac individuals belonging to 26 thousand different types of promotional merchandise like T-shirts, notepads, pens, brochures, keychains, and writing instruments.

Stats from the United Kingdom

An estimated value of 850 pounds is reported from the promotional merchandise up till 2008. The value did decrease in the coming year owing to the recession. Most important promotional products were pens, umbrellas, mugs, leather items, and sorted out branded gift baskets and some of the personalized gifts. 

Stats from other regions 

Australia and New Zealand also showed good data in the field. 1340 million Australian dollars is the estimated worth of the merchandise. In New Zealand, it is 144 million NZ dollars. Printing and artwork in the form of decorative baskets for gifts is the most common form of promotional products.

How do we use promotional products?

If we want people to know more about our brand, we need to make a proper promotional plan for that. We have to make sure that the target audience is attracted and as they get to know the brand, they find themselves become loyal customers. But how this thing is achieved is really hard work.


  1. A promotional product supplier is one of the most important people that can help in an effective campaign. Manufacturers help a lot in the achievement of the purpose in a promotional event. They know effective methods to do that. 
  2. Proper training of every member of the promotion campaign is another wise step that one can take.
  3. The exceptional way of branding is another way which can be complemented by the exclusive ideas of promotional products. This is by far the most effective way of increasing brand awareness.

 Score Promotions, your ultimate solution for the promotional campaign

Like we said, today we can mark quite several promotional product manufacturers. But finding the best that suits our brand is a hard thing to do. Luckily, Score promotions cover all areas of the brand promotion taking your promotional campaign to the next level. 

Score promotions have this unique feature of having the most sought after specialists in the field. These specialists and the rest of the staff members make sure that the best of the best is delivered to their clients. Since these clients are the brand owners, and the lot is on the stake, Score promotions never compromise on the quality of the promotional material they offer.

Accountability and integrity are one of the topmost priorities of the company, and this makes them among the most reliable promotional product suppliers across the region. Coming up with the new idea for every client is another great feature of Score promotions. After all, nobody wants their promotional product is copied. This if happens, puts a really bad impression of the promotional company as well as the brand suffers a lot in terms of reputation and sales. 

Score promotions make sure that repetition does not become the source of disappointment for the clients. Besides, the company brings about the amazing quality of the promotional products, and the brand logo is imprinted, or embossed in a very creative way. Timely delivery, the authenticity of the products, and most affordable prices are some of the many amazing features of score promotions. 


To summarize, any brand can blindly rely upon the creativity and professionalism of the score promotions if they want a top-notch and outclass promotion campaign for whatever product they want. You can find many objects as promotional products like pens, notebooks, umbrellas, imprinted USBs, magnates, chocolate bites, branded gifts, bracelets, glasses, caps, tote bags, and backpacks. You name it, and Score Promotions has it.


Promotional products are a creative, cost efficient, and reliable way to build brand awareness and promote your business. They are perfect for trade show giveaways to bring in new customers or to reward an existing base. However, not every product is created equally. Quality, vision and execution are important in marketing. The following are some of the most common mistakes people make with promotional product marketing. 

Low Quality Items 

Even if the items are free to customers, they do not want low quality or cheap promotional items. Think about it: if people are given a cheap pen that does not write, they will discard it. The power of marketing items is that people will keep and use the products. 

This, in turn, increases brand visibility and the likelihood that customers will use your goods and services in the future. It does not pay to cut corners on promotional items. If you invest in pens that look cheap or do not work, this reflects your brand and how people see your business. Trust Score Promotions to ensure that promotional marketing materials are high quality. 

A Poorly Designed or Positioned Logo 

The logo or imprint is the bread and butter of marketing. With just a glance at a trade show tent, one should be able to see and recognize a business’s logo easily. Take some time to think about the size of the branding, its position on the product, and key colors. It should be easy to find the logo or business name. Thus, it should not be too small, and you should avoid trying to include too much information on a small space. 


You cannot simply slap a logo on a t-shirt or trade show banners and call it a day. Promotional products are supposed to engage customers and build your audience and customer base. Poorly designed logos and promotional items can lower brand visibility and even turn people away from a brand. 

No Vision or Objective  

When choosing or designing promotional products, it is important to consider the targeted audience or buyers’ demographics. A college student may want something very different than a retired couple. Take some time to dream up your desired audience or do some work to track who is already interested in the business. 

Different promotional products will speak to different age ranges, professions and more. The sky’s the limit with these items. You can invest in everything from pens and mugs to business folios, tablet stands and candles. 

Poor Distribution Plan 

The most effective marketing campaigns consider how to get key information to their targeted audience. You cannot simply leave a promotional tote bag on a trade show tent table and call it a day. Instead, a vision or plan for how to distribute promotional items is integral to a marketing campaign’s success. 

You should think about how to pay out items in a trade show tent or think about using the promotional products to supplement a customer’s order or to reward loyalty.

Trends with a Short Shelf Life 

Trendy items are fun in the short-term, but they not have longevity. For example, years ago, beanie babies were a hot commodity. A year after they released, not so much. You do not want your promotional products to expire. This could result in you having a closet of very dated materials that do not enhance your brand. Smart companies might use a trend for a short-term marketing plan and then invest in a staple item that never goes out of style.



A common mistake in marketing is to commit to a promotional product that does not fit in line with the services or vision of a company. Marketing items must fit under the umbrella of a business’s brand. Promotional products should fit a brand. A credit union or bank would not necessarily give out a flashlight and a doctor would not give out screwdrivers. Conversely, a doctor would probably give out custom bandaids and a bank would give out a custom calculator. Marketing items should fit a brand so that people are thinking about a business’s services when they see it. 

Offensive Items 

Be mindful that your materials are not super offensive. You might have some slang that an audience finds inappropriate or a cartoon illustration that feels offensive. This turns customers away from a brand. You might do this by mistake. For example, if you include your initials in the promotional products, they could have a meaning you did not know about. Have someone in the company check the logo and materials to ensure it is not only on brand but is not mistakenly off color. 

Copyright Infringement 

Just because you love a cartoon or television show does not mean that using this is legal. You cannot use a professional sports team logo without permission. If you use copyrighted images, you could end up in a lawsuit. Make sure you have the rights to images before you print them on products. Professionals at True Score will ask clients to ensure they do not make this mistake. 

Messaging It Not Specific 

The more specific your messaging is, the better. Think about what action you want people to take when they see a product. For example, if you run a catering company, you want them to call you. Thus, instead of writing Lisa’s Catering you could include the phone number or best way to reach the business. If you want people to visit a website, then this website should be somewhere on the items. Taking an action-oriented approach to messaging helps you drive customers to the right place or right action. 

Not Doing Research 

Another common mistake is to make decisions without consulting other staff and customers. Doing some market research is important as you build a marketing campaign. Take some time to consult folks in the office. Which items do they think would benefit branding? Which items would drive in new customers? Additionally, do some market research and ask customers about their experiences using the goods or services. Knowing how people view a business 

Last Minute Decisions 

If you want to order 500 mugs for a trade show, you have to plan ahead. Last minute planning will only result in errors. Taking the time to plan and use professional services means that you will have high quality materials for your event. You do not have to have all of the information in advance. Instead, having the general vision for the marketing plan and knowing who you are trying to target definitely helps. Rushing will only stress you out and could result in items coming out sloppy or without the precise messaging required.

Lack of Communication with the Team 

Marketing is everyone’s responsibility: from the finance department to sales. Once promotional products are decided, take some time to explain the campaign’s vision. If you are going to a trade show, what is the point of handing out these items? Do you want people to distribute the items in other spaces too? An all hands on deck attitude to communication and marketing enhances how promotional products are used.

Ordering Too Much 

Just because there is a deal on pens, does not mean that you have to order 2,000 pens. Remember that the promotional campaign should have a vision, which includes the number of items to order. It is better to run out of an item than to order too many pens. Otherwise, your closet could be filled to the brim with promotional totes, mugs or stationary. Start small and build so that your marketing campaign is effective. 

Not Having a Budget 

Smart businesses have a marketing budget in place. This shows that you prioritize marketing and building your brand. Having a budget means that you have a guide when choosing which items to use and the number to be printed. Going over budget could negatively affect the campaign and make it hard to build on your branding. Consider what has been done in the past, what your vision is, and what financial resources the business has, when building the budget. 

Avoid Making Them In-House 

Creating high quality promotional materials is harder than it looks. Pros understand how to position logos, provide advice on colors and to meet time sensitive deadlines. True Score will not cram too much content on a pen or mug, and they are experts in branding and what is trending in marketing. Take the time to invest in professional services, so your promotional items are effective, cost-efficient and delivered on time. 

Marketing is an art form. Promotional products are a smart tool for businesses that want to increase customer loyalty and expand their audience. Taking some time to think through the goals of your organization means that you can select the right promotional products. Such items are one of the most inexpensive ways to build branding and to get the word out about goods and services. Do not rush the process. Do your research, consult professionals at True Score and choose the right products for your campaign. Having a vision for how these items will be distributed and knowing your target audience will ensure success.


One of the essentials to happiness is the need to feel appreciated and valued. In fact, the importance of feeling appreciated cannot be emphasized enough. Feelings of value are essential to encouraging positive relationships – whether at home, with a team or in the workplace. 

When a person feels valued or appreciated, it supports the commitment they have made to a team, group, or relationship. In truth, it is an appreciation that encourages them to continue contributing and exceeding with the group. 

Many experts agree that workers or team members are more apt to be motivated when their efforts are appreciated and valued. Appreciation is recognized by the importance, greatness, worth, or quality of people or things. On the other hand, when appreciation is lacking, an individual or team generally does not feel motivated or connected. 

Showing Appreciation

The hard work and achievements of an individual or team must be recognized. Various organizations have an annual get-together or end of season event that gives team members an appreciation award. As well, many establishments will unexpectedly give an appreciation of gifts when a team or workgroup has undergone challenging events. 


One of the best ways to show a team or individual that they are valued is with appreciation gifts. In fact, rewards and recognition gifts are ways of showing that the team or group is noticed and valued. Moreover, appreciation gifts will add an overall positive effect on the team or group. 

Appreciation Gifts and Mementos

Today you can find a wide variety of appreciation gifts such as plaques, trophies, office accessories, certificate frames, and sports accessories. In fact, one of the best places to find appreciation gifts online is at Score Promotions. 

The company is a leading supplier of promotional products with over 30,000 customers in the U.S. Not only does Score Promotions have a 5000+ item catalog to choose from but they also have top quality customer service. In addition, they have the lowest price guarantee. What is more, Score Promotions has a 100% customer satisfaction that offers top quality at the best price. 


Plaques are ideal for showing how much you appreciate team members and helpers. You can customize plaques with special engravings such as name, the title of the special award, organization or event, timeframe (month/year) and the reason for the award as ‘heartfelt appreciation for your tireless work.’ 

There are also different types of plaques like photo plaques, recognition award plaques, team sports plaques, and custom engraved award plaques for the team. 

Find appreciation gifts to show recognition of your team’s hard work and effort. Let Score Promotions assist with the ideal appreciation gift for team members. Score Promotions has an array of plaques the will satisfy your need. Select from numerous colors from black or silver to blue, brown, or cherry. You can also choose color combinations such as rosewood black or rosewood gold. What is more, the plaques can be gold, birch cliff, copper, silver, ebony plated, and more. As well, the prices are variable according to your budget. 


Trophies are perfect for recognizing professional or personal milestones by your team. Having an engraved message on an award is a wonderful way to honor a team or individual. In truth, trophies are a great appreciation gift that can be cherished forever by everyone. At Score Promotions, we have a wide variety of trophies to suit all occasions and awards. You will easily find a large selection of striking and reasonably priced trophies to fit the occasion. Various options include different sizes and shapes, laser engraved brass or rosewood base, various imprint colors, and more. 

 In addition, there are different themes to choose from, such as:

  • Gold Atlantic Eagle
  • Shaking Hands (in Gold)
  • Maritime Ship
  • A Battery Operated Oil Rig
  • Different Globe awards
  • Other namesake appreciation gifts

Office Accessories

Appreciation gifts for the team or your employees can be given to show your gratitude and support. Handing out office supply gifts for your team will show your appreciation. In fact, various office accessories can be given. 


Score Promotions delivers many types of appreciation gifts for the office. Some of their treasured gifts include:

  • Stylus pen
  • Stylus keychain
  • Mini staplers
  • Letter openers
  • Screen cleaner 
  • Silicone bracelet
  • Magnetic memo holder clip
  • Frisbees with recycled colors 
  • Various colored earbud caddies
  • Eco silicone mobile device pocket

Besides, the team or office employees can have fun with different office balls like footballs, mini basketballs, and swirl beach balls. 

To top it off, the office accessories can have any logo or exclusive designs printed on your selected items. 

Certificate Frames

Certificate frames are a unique way of showing your team or employees how much you value their time and hard work. Certificate frames come in a wide variety of colors and materials. In fact, they can even be engraved. The selections to choose from are quite immense. 

 For instance, you can select from a variety of materials like:

  • Aluminum
  • Rosewood 
  • Walnut finishes
  • Leatherette styling 
  • And various other materials

You can even select a 7″ LCD screen with a resolution of 480 x 234 pixels that supports JPEG files. SD, MMC, MS and more. There are also different sized frames from 4”x6” to 8 1/2″ x 11″. Additionally, certificate frames come in a wide price range from $2.00 on up. 

Sports Accessories

One of the best appreciation gifts that your team will cherish forever is sports accessories. Whether your team loves playing sports or watching from the sidelines, show them you care with a surprise gift that is both meaningful and personalized. 

As it happens, sports accessories are generally a favorite for team members and helpers. Some of the most treasured gifts include personalized T-shirts, custom jackets, branded T-shirts, water bottles with logos, personalized bags, and engraved stainless steel whistles. 

 At Score Promotions, there are available countless sports accessories based on differing personality and style of your team. You can find a wide variety of items: 

  • Personalized T-shirts made of quality cotton, long and short-sleeved (comes in many colors)
  • Custom jackets for a sports lifestyle offering lightweight comfort and a sleek style. Choose from unlined to insulated or semi-sealed. There are also a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Branded T shirts for custom designs and promoting your brand. These T shirts have wholesale prices when buying logo embroidered t-shirts in bulk. There is a wide selection of styles like V-neck or classic and well as different fabrics. In fact, you can buy exceptionally cheap t shirts online when buying in larger quantities.

Buying From Score Promotions

Score Promotions is a leading supplier of promotional products. In fact, they are renowned for their promotional marketing. Established in 1999 and servicing more than 30,000 customers in the United States, Score Promotions has made a great contributing impact on the promotional industry. 

At Score Promotions, their experts know how to complement and strengthen a brands image. What is more, the company’s prices are the most competitive amongst all their competitors.


What makes Score Promotions even more unique is that they know how to select the correct products for your company, team or business. Even better, if the right product cannot be found within 5000+ item catalogue, then a professional team will personally source from more than 1,000 suppliers to find what you need. 

 Score Promotions has several core values that include:

  • Respect 
  • Integrity 
  • Creativity 
  • Positivity 
  • Trendsetting 
  • Collaboration 
  • Remarkability 
  • Accountability 

Why Buy from Score Promotions?

Whether you need personalized T shirts, branded T shirts or custom jackets; Score Promotions will have the lowest price guarantee. In fact, all products are sourced at the most competitive prices. In addition, there are always continual promotions for bigger discounts. 

Another great reason to buy from Score Promotions is for their quality. There actually is a full service in-house graphic design team that does all the exquisite and detailed artwork. Some of the imprinting techniques embrace screen printing and heat transfer, pad printing and laser engraving. Moreover, the production team handles a vast array of products that requires quality control, printing, sorting, packaging and shipping. Actually, the entire dedicated team is what offers you the best possible shopping experience. 

Moreover, Score Promotions delivers 100% customer satisfaction. The specialists are always seeking the best products are the most reasonable price. In fact, they continually look for the newest trends on the market. Rest assured, Score Promotions will always strive to offer the best customer satisfaction around.

How to use swag to increase customer engagement?

Giving out swag or free merchandise is an excellent way to boost promotions for your brand.

Wondering how it can help?

Allow us to explain the many benefits of giving out swag to your targeted audience:

The Age of Free Swag

More and more companies are giving out free swag to promote their brand. 

Does it work, you ask? 

Well, there’s a psychological effect that’s been known for a long time that people value things that they get for free. No one would pass free merchandise, and on the top of it, swags are functional, adding to the beauty. 


Take, for example, if you send out a custom desk clock as a giveaway. The custom desk clock could have a logo on it that could help advertise your company’s brand. This will help with enhancing recognition in your customer base. 

Giving Stuff Away for Free for Referrals Is Cheap

It might seem counterintuitive but giving something away to people as a promotional item is one of the cheapest forms of advertising that there is. You can’t just get advertising like this for nearly as inexpensive, any other way. Other means of advertising are relatively costly. People don’t just advertise for you generally unless you give them free stuff.

It’s also been long understood within the industry that giving people free stuff helps form word of mouth advertising, which is easily the best way that you grow your base. If someone gets you a referral for a new customer and you give them a custom clock online, then this is going to help you with expanding your customer base without costing you very much. Something like a custom clock online isn’t going to cost you very much, especially compared to advertising costs. Any advertising at all can quickly pile up in cost once you start trying to do such as- pay per click, general internet advertising, commercials, etc.

Many people don’t appreciate just how inexpensive it can be. However, paying for referrals to new customers who buy more stuff from you is highly efficient, since you’ll know for sure it worked as you’ll be receiving the money right away, and you have a potential long term customer to boot at the same time.

Recognition Is Golden

This will mean that any time someone sees the custom desk clock that your customer received, they will see your brand. It’s a kind of passive advertising that will build and grow. Getting your brand recognized out there will have a considerable effect on sales in the long run. Half the time, getting people to remember who you are is the biggest problem, considering the aggressive competition. If you can get them to recognize you and your brand, you are halfway to getting them as a customer, and that’s where custom clock online options come in. You can appeal to their sense of getting something for referrals or other services for your site to not only get the service you want but also advertise at the same time. This way, you’re increasing your efficiency and brand awareness exponentially.

Loyalty is Key

Another significant aspect of using swag for promotion is that it will help with customer loyalty. People get excited when they feel like they are getting something necessarily for free, such as from a referral, and they will, in turn, have a more positive look towards your site. This means that not only are you getting the word out through your clocks or other items, or getting referrals to increase your business, but you’re also increasing the loyalty of the customer you gave it too in the first place, all while helping to cut back and save significantly on advertising. 


The products you offer as swag must be actually of good quality; however if you want them to serve as a reflection of your brand to others. In many cases, the swag may be the first time your customers have ever encountered your brand at all, so you certainly want to leave a good impression!

Add the Personal Touch

One of the advantages of promotional swag is that you can make it personalized. This allows you to increase your perceived value among your customers. It could even become valuable if the general population comes to appreciate it enough since it’s customized and limited, which means you only made so many of them and they can only be possessed by the customers that you deem deserve them. In other words, it could become its own thing in time with its value.

Discount Alternative

If you’re worried about discounting a particular product too much due to margins, one thing you can do instead creates promotional products that go along with them. The key is to make the free item worth less than what the discount would’ve been, but this is certainly doable in general.

Ambassadors to the World

By giving away free products, you turn your customers into your ambassadors as well. They will venture forth into the world and spread your brand message to the masses.


They will be willing and enthusiastic ambassadors. It is hard to overestimate just how much people value this idea, getting something for nothing. Getting promotional products designed and manufactured from credible places won’t cost you much. With the high return on investment, it almost doesn’t even matter how much you spend as long as the item looks valuable.

Efficiency is King

Of course, one of the best reasons why all of this works so well is due to the cost-efficiency of it all. The key is to target your promotional merchandise carefully. Studies have shown that people tend to remember companies that give them a promotional item. If you’re in a niche market, then it especially helps focus attention on your brand. Images are just that influential that even a glance can help your brand is remembered for long.

Good for Any Business

Another important aspect of promotional items is the fact that they are flexible. They can apply to absolutely any business, depending on what item best associates with your brand. However, even besides the exact nature of the item that you get, you can often make it work for your brand anyway. Take, for instance- clocks; everyone needs watches. Therefore, you can do it either way, both with an item that works for everyone and also with items that are specific to your particular industry.

Incentives for Employees

You can also make promotional products that you give out to employees as motivation. Again, this can be something you give them for free only if they hit certain milestones, making the product an accomplishment. If it has your logo on it, the chances are good that it will also serve as promotional to anyone who sees it. In the case of a clock, it will be on the employees’ wall at home, which means anyone who comes to their home ever will see the product, more likely than not, and they will gain some awareness of your brand. This is highly beneficial for your business, and it helps to promote the feeling of loyalty and motivation to work hard. 

Consumers Love Them

Another fantastic reason for using promotional products is consumers are a lot more fond of them then you might think. Some studies indicate that 80 percent of consumers have at least one promotional product, and many have as many as ten. More than half of them use a promotional product that they own every week.

Multidimensional Advertising

One thing that helps with these type of products is that you can club it into internet campaigns along with the more in-person kind. By adding in QR codes or websites, you can get many different dimensions at play to cover all of your bases and get some buzz going on the Internet and elsewhere. People love to engage in an advertising campaign that offers multiple things at once. Think for a minute, won’t a customer enjoy a product that is not only just appealing but also practical, promotes a brand that you like, demonstrates your loyalty; like as a pen, or a bowl, or a clock?

Overall, the key is to reach your audience the best way you can, and swags are an excellent way to do that.

How giveaways aid to increase leads at trade shows

It is a known fact that out of the four P’s of marketing, promotion is the one that makes people the happiest. The general impression of a customer about a product is mostly positive when they receive a promotional item of that particular product. 

Giving away promotional items at trade shows not only improves the brand’s image in the eyes of the consumer but also gives way to incredible business opportunities to the seller. Consumers visiting your booth is an opportunity for you – an opportunity to turn those consumers into potential buyers. And it can be achieved with the help of giveaways. But turning visitors into potential buyers is not the only benefit of arranging giveaways at tradeshows. 


 Let’s have a look at other benefits of giveaways at tradeshows:

 Increases booth traffic

 The first benefit is the simplest benefit and the easiest to understand. According to a study conducted by Exhibit Surveys Inc., companies that had displayed promotional items in their booth had a large number of people as against those who did not organize promotional giveaways. In tradeshows, different companies are competing with one another to see who is able to generate the most leads. Since, the first step in making a sale is making sure your customers are attracted towards your product, arranging giveaways can help you in making your brand visible to the customers.

Makes you stand out in a crowded world

The marketing world is a crowded place. Every other day more and more brands are slowly making their way to the marketing world and adding to the marketing noise. Now it is up to you whether you want to add to the marketing noise or you can stand out.

While having a strong online presence is equally important for a brand to maintain a positive image, what’s equally important to a brand’s survival is delivering customers with something that is useful to them. When you do swag giveaways, it could be anything- custom womens polo shirts, printed polo shirts online, women’s printed polo shirts or branded polo shirts online – it allows brands to get physical. 

Helps customers remember your brand

As we have already mentioned that one of your ultimate goals in trade shows should be making sure you set yourself apart from the competitors. This can be achieved with the help of giveaways and an attractive booth stand. A study conducted by Georgia Southern University saw that of all the people who were given a promotional product, 71.6% of them remembered the brand that gave them those products. 


This study proves that if you want to make sure that the people who visit your booth remember your brand’s name, then you have to conduct promotional giveaways. Making sure that your promotional product is different from the others is an excellent way of setting yourself apart from the competitors. This differentiation could be in the form of anything- a unique logo or intriguing packaging. 

Expand your business with referrals

Whether it is a small business or a big one, one thing that everyone wants in any kind of business is establishing a referral program. Companies that use referral programs witness a higher conversion rate and a shorter sales cycle. After a customer buys something from your company, sending them a thank you note is a courteous thing to do. 

At the same time, you can adopt other means to do better with your brand. Promotional items are the best way to reward your referrals, but you have to make sure you are not giving away your old products which you were not able to sell. Customers these days are aware of everything, and if they see something dubious, they will call you out. So, you should go the extra mile and give them something worth remembering. This way, if they see an opportunity, they will think of your brand’s name first.

Improves your brand’s image

When you are in a booth showing your company’s products, you are making efforts to get people to like your products. A tradeshow is a placed filled with attendees, so your brand needs all the favorable impressions it can get. 

The same study that proved that 71.6% of people who were given promotional product remembered the products’ name, also showed that of all the people who received giveaways, most of them said that they had a more positive attitude towards the company which gave them a promotional product. When you give promotional items to the consumers, a positive image of your brand is created in their minds. Also, in the near future, they are most likely to choose your brand.

Generates lead

Regardless of the type of businesses they run, be it services or products such as custom women’s polo shirts, printed polo shirts online, women’s printed polo shirts or branded polo shirts online, entrepreneurs are always looking for different strategies for generating quality leads which can help increase their ROI. The success, however, is not guaranteed since a lot of these plans may fail to produce the desired results in the long run. 

Promotional products can play a huge role in converting visitors visiting your booth into loyal customers. You would not even have to worry about the size of your promotional product as long as it is of high quality and manages to impress the visitors. While they are visiting your booth, you can also ask them to visit your website, and this way, you can gather useful data about them.

While we are talking about gathering useful data about consumers, let’s look at a few tips for conducting effective giveaways in trade shows:

Free gifts should not be free

When a visitor comes to your booth, and you provide him with a promotional gift, make sure you are getting something from them as well. While money is completely out of the picture, what you can do here is scan their badge or make them sign up for emails.

While not every visitor would be willing to do this, but those who have an understanding of how businesses work will have no problem in doing this for you. Everyone knows that the whole point of a tradeshow is gathering leads. So, use the free gifts as an opportunity to capture leads. 

One thing that would be recommended here is not leaving the free gifts in a bowl or for people to grab and go. It is crucial here that they have some kind of conversation with you before they take the promotional product. 

You can offer them the product in exchange for getting their email address or listening to a short presentation where you can tell them about your product or service. The ultimate goal should not be turning your booth into a free vending machine where you get to capture zero leads. Once you have captured the lead, you can thank the lead with that promotional product. 

Show a demo

While a pen and a t-shirt might be one of the most common gifts at a tradeshow, you can do something creative with these gifts to show your customers how your brand differs from the others. For instance, instead of the usual t-shirt, you can gift them custom women’s polo shirts, printed polo shirts online, women’s printed polo shirts or branded polo shirts online. Since everyone has seen usual t-shirts a dozen times, there is nothing new there. 


However, when you incorporate the uniqueness in your product, it is bound to garner attention. When you are telling your customers about how different your product is, you are actually engaging in communication with that person. It starts building a relationship, and it ends on a point where you would have captured that lead. Gather all the information you have about your product and then use the demo opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with them. 

Branding is important

You have to make sure that the product you are giving away as a promotional item must have the company’s information and logo on it. One would think that since this is a crucial part, companies would know how to use these properly. When people attend a tradeshow, they receive so many products without the company’s name, logo or information.

If your product does not have your name on it, it gives customers no reason to come back to your booth, even if they want to. That is why you have to make sure that enough information about your company is on the gift so the customers can learn more if they want to. If your promotional product contains the core message of your company, then your leads will be able to recall what your company stands for easily. 

Final thoughts

Using promotional gifts to attract customers is one of the most popular ways of generating leads. But if they are not done properly, they can result in failure. Everyone likes receiving gifts. One should leverage on this and think of invoking the principle of reciprocity. If someone receives something, they would want to give back something too. 

Especially if what they liked what they received. You can also turn this activity of giving gifts into a lead generating activity at a trade show provided you follow the simple steps. You can benefit from it in a lot of different ways, so make sure you do it wisely.

How Using Incentives Boosts Productivity In The Workplace?

If you have found that your employees are not working as effectively as you would like, then it is time to show them a little appreciation. This can be easily done with incentives such as bonuses, gifts, and extra time off from work. You do not have to spend a lot of your company earnings to increase the morale of your staff. Also, happy staff is always more productive than an unhappy one.


There are many great incentive options, such as custom golf balls or personalized golf balls that any sports enthusiasts will love. Another great option is custom logo golf balls with your company logo for all to see. This incentive is a win-win option for you as well as your employees because it is basically free advertisement on behalf of your company. It is understandable that not every employee is a lover of golf; therefore, ensure that you present incentives that will entice your entire staff.

A paid day off of work increased flexibility, and better communication is always a great way to win your staff over. You will find that every employee will work hard, especially if there is a paid day off of work up for grabs. There has never been an easier way to help your employees smile and work more efficiently than with a rewarding opportunity. You can effortlessly eliminate employees calling in sick, showing up late to work, or not wanting to stay over their shift by simply giving them something extra to work towards.

A great bonus around the holidays is always a sure way to amp your employees up for the busiest time of year. You may want to consider holding a company raffle or a friendly competition among your staff. Plan the prize in such a way that everyone feels like working hard to win, such as a gift card or a small vacation getaway. At the same time, you also have to ensure everyone walks away as a winner, so you may consider giving custom logo golf balls to the entire staff. You will notice with just a little reward and recognition your staff will work more efficiently, and you will see productivity increase.

If you love playing golf and want to share it with your staff, then consider hosting a golf tournament that allows every employee to take a swing at a custom logo golf ball. You will find that with a friendly round of golf, your entire team is refreshed, empowered, and ready to face the challenges that work often presents. If you really want to surprise them, then consider passing out personalized golf balls before you start the tournament. Even the employees that have no interest in the game will surely have an experience that is not easily forgotten.

Do not look at the concept that you are wasting profits when you offer incentives to your employees. After all, they are the driving force that keeps your company functioning. If your staff is not happy, then you will certainly know it simply by evaluating the productivity in your workplace. You will be surprised at how quickly they will change their work ethic when you give them a reason to. If you take a look at performance, attendance, and quality of work when you offer incentives, then you will see many employees are simply burnt out, but this should not stop you fro rewarding them.


It is a great business practice to host a company event such as a picnic on an annual basis. This gives your employees something to look forward to, and essentially they feel like they are a part of a family or team. Make sure you check around the office and see who has an interest in golf; because if you give everyone custom logo golf balls, then your entire staff might feel motivated and encouraged. Whereas some of your employees would greatly appreciate personalized golf balls, others may feel as if you are not genuine.

A no-fail gift is always a gift card or prepaid credit card. Just remember to speak with your employees about what it is that truly interests them. You may be surprised to find out that quite a few of your employees play golf regularly, and they would really appreciate the chance to own custom golf balls. Whereas, other employees may enjoy a day at the spa or just a little extra time off. Once you speak with your staff, and remember to be discreet in regards to your questions, you will understand what your staff is willing to work for. This will help you learn a little more about each one of your employees, and it will make it far easier to choose incentives that will boost productivity all across the board.

There is no reason to watch productivity plummet while your profits dwindle; especially when all you need to do is show your staff how much you appreciate their efforts. Many employers have made the mistake of letting their employees know they are a dime a dozen. A word of caution, this is not a good way to get your employees pumped up to work harder. The only thing scare tactics have ever done in the workplace is to give employees a reason to work even less than they were before. You may even find that your employees are far more willing to take up something without permission if you are not an appreciative boss.

To ensure this is not the case in your place of business it is wise to offer a friendly demeanor, rewards, and incentives that will push your employees to do better. It has always been said you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and the saying undoubtedly applies to your workplace. If your employees feel like they are being overworked, underpaid, and get no appreciation, then you are certainly setting yourself up for business problems.

If you are stressed, overworked, and short tempered, then it may be wise to take some time off of work and allow someone else to focus on the office while you rest. Once you return refreshed and rested you can focus on building up the morale of your office. When you effectively move from the relationship between boss and employee, you will find that everyone is far less stressed. Just remember we are all human, and appreciation goes a long way. To ensure your staff continues gives the best performance all throughout the year, it is important to remember to offer incentives that will entice your entire team.

You may even want to hold an official meeting once or twice a month to discuss performance. This is a great opportunity to find out how your employees feel and an even better time to show them that you care. If you hold the meeting during lunch, then provide them with a catered meal; the same understanding applies to a meeting that is held after hours. You may also want to pass out custom coffee mugs with your company logo as a small token of your appreciation. 

Other great gift ideas that will not cost you a lot are company keychains, flashlights, custom golf balls, or koozies. This is another win-win opportunity for you as the business owner. While your employees appreciate the gift you have given, you will get the added benefit of free advertisement. However, do not always opt to give rewards with your company logo on them. Also, make sure the rewards you offer are not something you offer to your customers as freebies. This will help your employees feel special and ensure your efforts do not go unnoticed.


There has rarely been an angry employee in the office when rewards, incentives, and bonuses are offered. If you are an attentive boss who is willing to show his/her employees that they did a commendable work, then you will find that your employees will definitely give you a return gift in form of increased productivity and profits. You may not hear that you are the best boss they have ever had, but you will see better productivity, team efforts, and a willingness that was not present when they felt unappreciated.

It is important to remember that you are the team leader in the office, and it is just as important to remind everyone on your team that they are needed, appreciated, and that you genuinely care about them. If you are willing to give them a reason to work harder, then it will come as no surprise when they are willing to work harder without you pressing them to do so. The easiest way to keep up the morale and productivity in your place of business is to treat every employee with dignity, respect, and understanding. It does not matter what their title is because it takes the entire team to work efficiently all year long.

Consider what your office would look like without the help of the cleaning staff or maintenance team. Therefore, it is pertinent to consider every employee when you offer incentives for the team. To ensure that you are familiar with everyone’s interests, it is important to take a little time to get to know each staff member on a personal level. After all, most employees spend more time at work than they do at home with their family and friends.

How SWAG Can Improve A Firm’s Employee Retention Rate

Employee retention can be a large issue for many companies, although it’s not something they are ever prepared for. As a result, the majority of businesses do not have a plan for improving their retention rate. While a certain number of employees leaving over time is natural, but sometimes, the firm develop a poor retention rate. There are a variety of factors that can lead to this. At the same time, there are a few ways that you can avoid this.

One of the most notable methods is to give them free SWAG, such as cheap custom shirts and other merchandise. You should be able to find cheap t shirts online, with many of these being branded and designed based on your needs. However, many entrepreneurs may not know how this SWAG can help them improve and maintain their employee retention rate. While you shouldn’t boast that you purchased custom t shirts cheap, you could focus on a variety of things to help see a variety of benefits with them.

Much of this will be focused on improving an employee’s morale, which is one of the primary things that affect retention rates. Should your retention be too low, there can be a variety of ways that it can impact.

Some of the more notable factors in this will be that it can have a negative effect on a company’s turnover, which is driven by a few things. First, a business will lose productivity when they lose an employee, which means that they wouldn’t be able to generate sales or value for the firm. Until the position is filled, this factor will keep on increasing with each passing day. Alongside this is the fact that hiring and training a new employee will take a large amount of time and money. The majority of this will be seen in advertising the position and interviewing the candidates.

There can also be a much larger disruption of a business much more than many people would believe. Much of this can be seen in the overall operations of the company, which may suffer in quality and productivity. These could be felt from when an employee leaves, with much of this depending on how vital their role was. The reduction in performance and quality of service may be felt until a replacement is fully trained in the position.

Naturally, the majority of companies will want to avoid these problems, although they might not know how to. While cheap custom shirts might seem like a surprising choice, they can provide many more benefits that a firm can ever believe.

By doing so, you’ll ensure that they provide the maximum number of benefits for your company. Branding and a variety of other factors will play a role in this, although this will vary from company to company.

There are a few reasons why giving SWAG to employees can help improve your retention rate.

Making Them Feel Appreciated

While there are a variety of reasons why people leave a job, there are some that are more common. Some of these may be outside of an employer’s control, while others they may not be able to do, such as compete with another firm’s offer.

However, there are a few things that they can have some control over, such as how appreciated and happy their employees feel. There are quite a few things that can play a part in this, with acknowledgment of their work with being one of the most notable.

There are a variety of ways that this can be done, with SWAG and other merchandise being some of the most common. These can be given to employees for a variety of reasons, such as if they’ve been a best seller in the company, or if they’ve been promoted, among others.

Canadian Summer


Despite being relatively affordable and somewhat simple, giving an employee this merchandise for their efforts can have a much bigger impact than entrepreneurs might believe.

Some of this may be because it can be more of a symbolic gesture than anything else. Appreciation is something that everybody will want from their managers and bosses. By using this simple gesture, you’ll are able to show how much a person means to the company in a cost-effective manner.

Customizing the t shirts can also play a role in highlighting a person and the milestones that they’ve surpassed.

Company Culture

Company culture can play quite a significant role in how happy employees feel in their positions. The most apparent reason behind this is that everybody wants to work in a friendly environment rather than a negative one.

While being appreciated will play a certain part of this, it’s not the only factor in it. For example, many people may want to work in a company that encourages environmental-sustainability, which is something that many businesses aim for.

However, many efforts by companies that look to increase recycling in the workplace can often fall short. Instead of taking a traditional approach to encouraging this, employers can offer SWAG as a reward for doing so.

There are a few ways that this could be implemented company-wide. For example, offering free SWAG for the employees that recycle the most can be an effective way of increasing the activity.

Over EZ

By engaging in such activities, you can improve the company’s overall culture, with the majority of employees helping to push this forward. Doing so should ensure that there’s a company culture that many people will want to be a part of for quite a while.

As a result of this, a company’s employee retention rate should be much better than others. Not only will employees feel as though they’re involved in the company itself, but they’ll also believe that their contributions are making quite a significant effect on the overall workplace. As such, fewer employees will leave while you’ll be able to attract more people to the firm.

Encouraging Milestones

Employees will go through a variety of milestones over their career, which is something that’s often not highlighted when it occurs. While there are quite a variety of them to consider, there may be a few that stand out.

For example, some work anniversaries should be deserving of some kind of SWAG and recognition. Doing so could have a few benefits, many of which business owners may not have thought of.

While there are the obvious benefits of showing them the value of the work they do and that the company values this, there can be a few others. One that many people may not have thought of is that it could encourage others to work towards these milestones.

With anniversaries, for example, it will inspire employees who haven’t yet reached them to continue with the firm until they do and keep going forward. Much of this can also be seen in sales milestones and other performance-related activities.

Similar to anniversaries, giving your employees recognition and praise when they reach their goals can help inspire others to work toward these milestones. However, much of this will be seen in SWAG or other merchandise that your employees will want.


Coupled with the increased happiness and higher morale they should have, this will provide benefits for everyone involved.

There are a variety of other ways that cheap custom shirts can have an impact on your employee turnover rate, although the above are some of the more common. When you’re looking for cheap t shirts online, there will be several things that you should consider.

While price will be one of the most prominent, there are a few other things that you should look at, with quality being important. In many cases, you can get what you pay for, so you may need to pay a certain amount to ensure that you’re able to give your employees high-quality SWAG.

While the t shirts will undoubtedly have a large impact on morale, this may not be the case if the products are low-quality. As such, you should be prepared to pay slightly more than you may be expecting.

Alongside this, you should ensure that you purchase the right number of products for your needs. While you may only give out a certain amount of them at any given time, if you want to buy custom t shirts cheap, it can often be better to purchase large amounts.

By doing so, you should be able to get bulk prices, which should mean that you’ll be paying less per t shirt. As a result, they can be a much more cost-effective way of improving employee retention rates. 

The Importance of Holiday Gifting & Packaging

With the holiday season approaching, it is time to start making plans for holiday gifts 2019. In the marketing industry, holiday gifting is the perfect opportunity to remind your clients who you are and what you can provide their business. Holiday gifts are meant to be a token of your appreciation for your client’s business while exposing them to great and innovative new products. Holiday gifts strengthen business relationships, help create customer loyalty, and bring happiness to clients. Holiday gifts are meant to create a positive and meaningful impact for your clients, so they are reminded of your company in a positive light.

1 (2)
When it comes to the holidays, another factor that is essential to have mastered is the packaging itself. One of the main purposes of packaging is marketing. Packaging can be customized however we like to cause the most impact. Colour, shape, patterns, and logo can all be customized to make holiday gifting even better. Packaging should have a captivating factor, while still representing your company. The packaging must be practical and be able to protect your holiday gift while still adding a wow factor that will leave your clients excited for anything your business may offer.

Holiday gifts and packaging come hand in hand. Packaging is the first thing a client is going to see when they receive the package. That is why packaging can be so important. Packaging helps you make a first impression about your company and who your company is. Holiday gifting is what can help us build new relationships, strengthen current relationships, and build customer loyalty. It is also good to do holiday gifting to send a thank you message to your clients or keep them updated with the latest news about your business.

It is important to pick the right holiday gifts for your clients. Gifts should be thoughtful, useful, and innovative. Knowing your clients is essential when deciding on what holiday gifts to provide. Knowing their interests and businesses will help you pick gifts that clients are going to love and use often. Another factor that is good to keep in mind while looking is the trends in the market. You will often be able to find great holiday gifts in these trends. What products are being sold the most, looked at the most, and the latest innovative items everyone is talking about. This will show your clients that you are up to date with all the trends and new products.


These are a few ways packaging and holiday gifting are so essential in the marketing industry. It is the best opportunity to give our clients one last thank you at the end of the year. Start preparing for holiday gifting season 2019 and give your clients the perfect gift they didn’t know they needed along with packaging that is going to wow them.

PPAI Canadian Promotional Product Trends Report

In 2019, PPAI conducted a research study with the purpose of better understanding the connection with promotional products in three areas: mindset, motive and meaning. The survey consisted of a total of 3000 people, 500 of which were Canadians. They were between the ages of 18 to 73 years of age and must have received one or more promotional items in the past year. There were many trends that stand out that could help improve our business and promotional techniques.

PPAI Report Graphic 1

Infographic courtesy of PPAI

One interesting fact found in the survey conducted by PPAI was that most consumers like receive apparel promotional items the most. 84% of the people surveyed confirmed that they have received some type of apparel item in their lifetime. Also, about 60% of the people that took part of the survey said that they would look up a new business who had gifted them an item. They research these companies through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google. This is crucial information for anyone in the industry. Promotional products create awareness about your business. It will help your company grow your following, obtain more web page visits, and overall create more business since more potential customers are learning about you.

Another interesting fact found was that about 75% of the people surveyed are likely to switch to a new company if they really enjoyed the promotional product they received. This is due to the fact that 7 in 10 people use the product they received to decide how they feel about the company overall. That is why it is essential to gift good quality, innovative, and useful items. This way consumers will have a positive first impression of your business and most likely return to become one of your clients.



The survey also showed that promotional marketing is often preferred over other types of marketing. It was determined that 74% of consumers would rather receive a promotional product than watch an ad on TV, 72% would rather receive a promotional product than listen to an on the radio, and 76% would rather receive a promotional product than receive an email. This shows how effective promotional marketing can be over different types of marketing. Consumers should not be annoyed and pressured by countless ads but rather enjoy a product they will use often.


The survey showed how not to approach consumers and distribute your promotional products. Most of the people surveyed said they would rather receive an email informing them about the giveaway. Other popular forms were receiving something about it in the mail, seeing a TV commercial, or receiving a text message. Also, the giveaways should be easy to access to the consumer. 55% of those surveyed would not wait in a line for over an hour to receive a promotional product. Also, 60% of people would not travel further than 50 miles to collect a promotional product. Therefore, making it a hassle-free delivery is the ideal for your promotional products.
In the promotional marketing industry, it is essential to stay up to date with trends and know what our consumers prefer the most. That is why the information provided by the PPAI survey research is so important. It can help us make changes to our marketing strategy. We can make improvements that will benefit both our business and our clients. We can provide clients with more of what they’d rather receive and how.